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The Alchemist Wild Child Golden Review

The Alchemist Wild Child Golden Review
The Alchemist Wild Child Golden Review
The Alchemist Wild Child Golden Review
The Quick Version
Crafted with the finest attention to detail, The Alchemist Wild Child Golden is a sour golden ale that embarks on a journey from aging in oak barrels for up to three years to an additional six months of bottle maturation. This thorough process imbues the ale with a complex bouquet of tart and dark fruits, earthy malts, and hints of wood and citrus. A symphony of flavors and aromas, The Alchemist Wild Child Golden stands as a testament to the craft and creativity of brewing, offering a rich, immersive tasting experience.
ABV: 8.50%
Brewery: The Alchemist
Reader Rating106 Votes

Delving into the World of The Alchemist Wild Child Golden

If there’s a sour golden ale that perfectly encapsulates the master craft of complex brewing, it’s The Alchemist Wild Child Golden. This ale traverses a remarkable journey from oak barrels to bottle, destined to enchant the most discerning palates. Below, we explore the sensory adventure that this wild child offers, drawing insights from original tastings.

The Crafting of A Legend

The Alchemist Wild Child Golden isn’t just made; it’s meticulously aged. Its base version spends an astounding one to three years maturing in oak barrels before resting another six months in the bottle. This process not only imbues it with a distinctive character but also allows its intricate flavors to meld harmoniously.

A Symphony of Flavors and Aromas

Diving into the tasting notes, one can expect a tapestry of flavors. Imagine tart and dark fruits meeting earthy malts, a chorus of woodiness, complemented by citrus highlights. Its aroma is equally compelling, featuring earthy malts, Sweet dark fruits, woody notes, and citrus whispers—each smell and taste telling a part of its storied journey.

The Tasting Experience

  • Balsamic Cherries & White Wine: A nod to the complexity of its flavor profile, you may detect notes reminiscent of balsamic vinegar and cherries, with white wine tones providing a delicate balance.
  • Sour & Funky Highlights: The ale’s sourness is masterfully balanced with a touch of funk, infusing each sip with an invigorating freshness.
  • Pink and Red Hues: Served from draught at select celebrations, this ale presents in captivating reds and pinks, with a foam that echoes the essence of berries. Its appearance is as inviting as its taste.

Paying Homage to Craft and Creation

Perhaps, most intriguingly, The Alchemist Wild Child Golden signals a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sour ales. It stands as a testament to The Alchemist’s dedication to craft, creativity, and innovation, thriving on the edge of brewing possibility. Thus, for aficionados and casual drinkers alike, this ale offers not just a Drink, but an experience—a journey through taste, tradition, and the very art of brewing.

Fun, flavorful, and fantastically complex, The Alchemist Wild Child Golden is more than just a beer. It’s a celebration of the craft, a tribute to patience, and a love letter to those who dare to explore the wilder side of sour ales. So, here’s to those wild child moments—may they always be as enriching and fulfilling as this remarkable golden ale.

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