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About Us

Hey there, fellow craft beer enthusiast! I’m Ethan Parker, the head brewmaster and founder of Brew Scoop. Welcome to my hub—a virtual tavern where connoisseurs and novices alike can gather to celebrate the art and soul of craft beer.

My journey into the whirlwind world of hops and barley began during a road trip through Belgium, where I had my first sip of authentic Trappist ale. It was a revelatory moment; the complex flavors, the dedication behind the craft, the camaraderie shared over a pint—it all ignited a fiery passion in me. I realized that beer wasn’t just a beverage; it’s a narrative in a bottle, told by the hands and hearts of its creators.

I created Brew Scoop to share that narrative with the world. This isn’t just a website; it’s a canvas for the stories behind every foamy head and amber hue. It’s a community where curiosity is quenched with knowledge and every sip has a story. Our goal is simple but ambitious: to become the go-to source for everything craft beer, from the latest brewing techniques and trends to exploring the rich history and culture that envelopes this effervescent world.

Looking out on the horizon, I envision Brew Scoop becoming an integral thread in the tapestry of the craft beer movement. We aim to foster a community where ideas ferment and inspiration bubbles at every corner. By connecting brewers with their audience and spreading the word about sustainable, locally-produced craft beers, we’re not just making the beer world a better place; we’re contributing to a more flavorful, connected, and ecologically conscious society.

Here at Brew Scoop, every article, review, and feature is poured with care, ensuring that you, the reader, are served a pint of informative content with a side of genuine enthusiasm. This is more than a website—it’s a digital brewery where enthusiasm for craft beer ferments and overflows.

So, raise your glass and join me on this hopped-up journey. Here’s to craft beer—may it continue to bring joy and innovation to taste buds around the globe, one sip at a time.

Ethan Parker