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Arclight Brewing Company Review

Arclight Brewing CompanyReview
Arclight Brewing CompanyReview
Arclight Brewing Company Review
The Quick Version
html Arclight Brewing Company delights visitors with its spacious and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a diverse selection of craft beers. Located in a charming Michigan locale, this brewery boasts specialties like Raspberry Sour and Hard Coffee, further enhanced by pet-friendly policies and engaging activities such as bocce ball. While service experiences vary, the overall ambiance and beer quality make Arclight a standout destination for brewery enthusiasts.
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Discover the Charm of Arclight Brewing Company

If you’re on the hunt for a top-notch brewery experience, Arclight Brewing Company should be high on your list. Situated in a quaint corner of Michigan, this brewery has carved out a name for itself with its remarkable selection of craft beers and a welcoming, pet-friendly atmosphere.

What Makes Arclight Special?

One of Arclight brewing Company’s biggest draws is its spacious setting, complete with both front and back patios. Visitors often rave about the relaxing vibe, especially during the warm, late summer evenings that are perfect for a cold brew outside. If you’re feeling competitive, their bocce ball courts await your challenge!

  • Plenty of outdoor seating with a scenic view
  • Bocce ball courts for entertainment
  • Pet-friendly, so your furry friends can join the fun
  • Beer Selection That Won’t Disappoint

    The Heart and soul of any brewery is, of course, the beer. Arclight Brewing Company excels here with an impressive array of beers. Fans of sours and porters will particularly enjoy their innovative brews like the Snickerdoodle Porter or the Soursmith Strawberry Rhubarb. Moreover, the Hard Coffee comes highly recommended for those who like a caffeinated kick in their Drink.

  • Wide range of craft beers including IPAs, stouts, and sours
  • Special mentions: Raspberry Sour and Hard Coffee
  • Customer Service Insights

    While many guests report positive interactions and commend the helpful staff, it’s important to note some discrepancies in service. A handful of visitors expressed dissatisfaction with certain staff members being less than cordial. Arclight Brewing Company is generally well-regarded for its customer service, but, as with any establishment, experiences can vary.

    Why Arclight Is Worth Your Visit

    Despite the occasional service hiccup, the majority of patrons leave Arclight Brewing Company with smiles on their faces. Whether it’s the quality of the craft beers, the ample space to relax and socialize, or the enjoyable games and pet-friendly policy, Arclight stands out as a must-visit spot in Michigan. Remember to bring your own food, as no kitchen services are offered, but tasty craft sodas are available for the non-beer drinkers.

  • Bring your own food for a customized dining experience
  • Don’t miss out on the craft sodas for a refreshing alternative
  • Final Thoughts on Arclight Brewing Company

    Arclight Brewing Company embodies the spirit of community and craft beer innovation. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, it offers a memorable atmosphere filled with good beers, good times, and the welcoming presence of pet companions. It’s a brewery that encourages you to come as you are and enjoy all that it has to offer, making it a cherished destination in the brewing world.

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