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IIPA DIPA – Imperial / Double Hazy (NEIPA)

Ready to dive into the bold and luscious world of craft beer at its most opulent? Welcome to the IIPA DIPA – Imperial / Double Hazy (NEIPA) section, where we unravel the complexities of these formidable brews. Renowned for their rich, full-bodied profiles and a hazy, almost mystical appearance, these beers are a testament to the brewer’s artistry, balancing intense flavors with smooth drinkability. Each sip promises a kaleidoscope of taste, often bursting with citrusy and tropical hop notes, underpinned by a velvety malt backbone. Whether you’re a hop aficionado chasing the juiciest of IPAs or a curious newcomer ready to explore the depths of double hopped delights, our expert reviews will guide you through this hop-heavy haze of greatness. Savor the reviews, discover your next favorite IIPA DIPA, and let’s toast to the bolder side of beer.