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Tree House Liquid King Review

Tree House Liquid King Review
Tree House Liquid King Review
Tree House Liquid King Review
The Quick Version
The review highlights Tree House Liquid King as a standout craft beer, blending the exceptional qualities of King Julius with an innovative twist of liquid hop concentrate. It features a radiant orange pour and entices with a mix of vivid citrus and tropical aromas, promising a full-bodied and harmonious taste experience. This beer sets itself apart with its unique craftsmanship, offering a deep hop saturation balanced perfectly against its rich, fruit-driven profile, making it a must-try for beer enthusiasts.
ABV: 8.20%
Brewery: Tree House Brewing Company
Reader Rating93 Votes

Discover the Unique Craftsmanship Behind Tree House Liquid King

When it comes to standout beers, Tree House Liquid King truly steals the spotlight. This exceptional brew combines the revered qualities of King Julius with an innovative twist of liquid hop concentrate. Let’s dive into why this beer has captured the hearts of many enthusiasts.

A Fusion of Flavors and Aromas

Imagine opening your glass to a radiant orange pour, setting the stage for an invigorating sensory experience. Tree House Liquid King features vivid citrus aromas, harmoniously blended with notes reminiscent of orange creamsicle, mango smoothie, and a plethora of fresh tropical fruits. This beer offers a harmonious blend that keeps your palate engaged from the first sip to the very last.

The Essence of Tree House Liquid King

What sets Tree House Liquid King apart is its careful craftsmanship. The addition of liquid hop concentrate, on top of the “standard” massive King Julius dry hop, elevates the hop saturation to unprecedented levels. This one-off rendition embodies a unique balance, ensuring that the hoppy influence never overwhelms but instead complements the intricate flavor profile.

Community Appreciation and Feedback

Through generous contributions from beer aficionados, we’ve compiled a range of impressions that capture the essence of Tree House Liquid King. Descriptions of its appearance range from a “heavily hazy, deep maize” to a “very hazy, golden orange,” showcasing the beer’s visual allure. Flavor notes include an array of juicy tropical fruits, citrus, and unexpected hints like honey, vanilla, and even bubblegum nuances. This wide-ranging palette confirms that Tree House Liquid King offers a complex yet balanced taste experience.

Moreover, its body is consistently described as full, soft, and sweet, perfectly framing the intricate meld of flavors. Impressively, despite its richness, Tree House Liquid King maintains a pleasing dryness and bitterness, hinting at elements like resinous green and weedy undertones, providing a beautifully rounded drinking experience.

Why Tree House Liquid King is a Must-Try

So, why should Tree House Liquid King be next on your list of beers to try? It’s simple. This brew not only offers a unique take on a beloved classic but also demonstrates what’s possible when traditional brewing meets innovative techniques. The sensory journey it provides—with its rich tapestry of aromas, flavors, and meticulously balanced body—makes it a standout choice for any beer lover.

In conclusion, Tree House Liquid King represents the pinnacle of brewing creativity and skill. Its distinctive flavor profile, coupled with the passion and precision poured into every batch, makes it a must-try for any enthusiast seeking to explore the depth and breadth of craft beer.

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