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Tree House Magic of Garston Review

Tree House Magic of Garston Review
Tree House Magic of Garston Review
Tree House Magic of Garston Review
The Quick Version
The reviews of Tree House Magic of Garston collectively paint a picture of a beer that is an emblem of New Zealand's Southland, distinguished by its unique hop character and an explosion of complex flavors. From vivid notes of Sauvignon Blanc, apricot, mango, and juicy citrus, to a soft mouthfeel and a mild hop finish, this hazy golden brew delivers an odyssey of taste, aroma, and texture, tapping into the passion of Tree House fans and leaving a memorable imprint on the craft beer landscape.
ABV: 8.20%
Brewery: Tree House Brewing Company
Reader Rating47 Votes

Discover the Magic of Tree House Magic of Garston

Welcome to a stunning experience where the art of brewing and nature’s bounty blend seamlessly to create a remarkable beer: Tree House Magic of Garston. This brew is more than just a drink; it’s a reflection of passion, craftsmanship, and the rich natural resources of New Zealand’s Southland.

A Flavor Profile That Dazzles the Senses

Tree House Magic of Garston invites your palate on a journey of discovery with a flavor profile that can only be described as a work of art. Here’s what makes this beer stand out:

  • An explosive combination of Sauvignon Blanc, apricot, mango, and juicy citrus notes
  • A hazy golden pour that boasts a medium white head and subtle lacing
  • The infusion of Garston Nelson and Garston Rakau adds a layer of vibrancy and complexity

The beer pours into your glass with the promise of an adventure – turbid, pale yellow, hinting at the richness of what’s to follow.

The Aroma – A Prelude to Flavor

Before you even take your first sip, Tree House Magic of Garston greets you with an inviting aroma. This aromatic prelude sets the stage for the flavors that are to unfold:

  • Citrus and tropical fruits with a touch of pine hops create a symphony for the senses
  • A hint of spicy and mineral notes, balancing the juicy fruitiness with an earthy edge

With each whiff, you prepare yourself for the experience that awaits – a clear indication of the masterful brewing techniques employed.

Texture and Finish – Sensory Completion

The beer’s texture and finish are just as important as its taste and aroma. Tree House Magic of Garston ensures that each sip is a complete sensory experience:

  • The soft mouthfeel resembles an oat-like softness, gentle and pleasing to the tongue
  • A very mild hop bitterness at the finish provides a satisfying closure without overwhelming

The beer leaves you with a clean aftertaste, a testament to its high-quality ingredients and meticulous brewing process.

Table of Vibrant Characteristics

Color Golden Haze
Aroma Citrus, Tropical Fruits, Pine Hops
Flavor Sauvignon Blanc, Apricot, Mango, Citrus
Texture Oat-like Softness
Finish Mild Hop Bitterness

In summary, Tree House Magic of Garston is more than just a beverage; it is an experience that captivates and satisfies. This beer, with its deep roots in the Southland of New Zealand, carries with it a character that’s both unique and memorable. Every sip is a vivid expression of the land from which it originates, making it a must-try for any craft beer enthusiast.

So, the next time you’re looking to explore the world of craft beers, let the Tree House Magic of Garston guide you through a sensory journey that’s sure to leave an indelible mark on your taste buds. Cheers to a beer that’s truly magic!

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