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Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 Review

Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 Review
Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 Review
Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 Review
The Quick Version
The review collectively paints Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 as a standout brew, emphasizing its unique use of 'wet' hops rushed from harvest to brewery, creating a beer that captures the fleeting essence of peak freshness. Despite varied opinions on its bold hop profile and the distinctive Lagunitas yeast, the beer shines with a complexity of aromas and flavors, from citrus and apricots to grassy notes, inviting beer lovers to explore its nuanced balance between bitterness and aromatic freshness.
ABV: 7.20%
Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company (Heineken)
Reader Rating77 Votes

Exploring the Hops and Aromas of Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023

Imagine the essence of the Yakima Valley’s harvest captured in a bottle—or better yet, in a beer. That’s exactly what Lagunitas attempts annually with their eagerly awaited Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023. This brew offers an adventure into the freshness of hops, rushed from the fields to the brewery, capturing the essence of the harvest with unmatched immediacy.

The Freshness Factor

Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 is a celebration of hops at their peak. Utilizing a unique, custom-built mechanism, this beer injects the aromatic splendor of whole-cone ‘wet’ hops directly into the brew within 24 hours of harvest. It’s a special delivery that transforms into a gustatory delight, striking a symphony of flavors from apricots and citrus to the earthiness of gunpowder and the ever-elusive taste hinting at MJ.

Flavor and Aroma: A Craft Beer Enthusiast’s Delight

The aroma of Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 is akin to a perfect harmony, with wearers of the brew finding a mix of citrus and sweetness, coupled with a light, golden hue that beckons the eye. However, its taste walks the line between the intense and the sublime. Not all beer lovers are immediately smitten; the distinct Lagunitas yeast and the bold hop bite often require an acquired appreciation. Yet, this beer stands as a testament to the beauty of fresh hops, showcasing a balance of mellow bitterness that doesn’t overpower but rather invites another sip.

The Verdict on Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023

With opinions as varied as the flavors it boasts, Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 stands as a polarizing yet fascinating brew. For those who savor the bold and the fresh, this beer offers a taste of the hop harvest like no other. Its charm lies not just in its boldness, but in how it encapsulates a fleeting moment of nature’s bounty, turning it into a liquid testament of craft and care. This is not just any beer; it’s a narrative of passion, of freshness, that brings together enthusiasts and skeptics alike, asking them to take another sip, to explore as it evolves. So congratulations, it’s a beer—a beer worth discussing, exploring, and, yes, savoring.

Whether you’re a fan of the strong hop bite or the subtler, grassy citrus notes, there’s no denying that Lagunitas Born Yesterday 2023 truly captures the essence of fresh hops, rounding out its profile with a delightful dance of flavors that will leave you contemplating its depths long after the last drop.

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