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Home » Blog » Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) Review

Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) Review

Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) Review
Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) Review
Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) Review
The Quick Version
The Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) is a crowning achievement in the art of beer blending, offering an intricate tapestry of flavors. Derived from reviews of individuals who have sipped this complex brew, it’s celebrated for its harmonious blend of bourbon-infused elements, with rich notes of bittersweet chocolate, vanilla, and dark roast coffee. Its aroma entices with bourbon barrels and dark chocolate, and the palate is treated to a luxuriously layered experience that includes hints of oak, graham cracker and a touch of cinnamon, culminating in a well-balanced, toasted finish that satisfies the connoisseur’s quest for a truly exceptional craft beer.
ABV: 12.50%
Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing (Duvel Moortgat)
Reader Rating48 Votes

Discover the Charms of Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale)

The world of craft beer is teeming with innovation, and Firestone Walker’s Anniversary Ale series is a testament to this spirit. Today, we delve into the Firestone Walker 27, a brew that stands testament to the mastery of blending. This review is pieced together from perspectives of individual enthusiasts who have experienced the multifaceted nature of this exceptional ale.

Complexity in a Bottle

Imagine a symphony of flavors where each instrument plays its role to perfection. That is the allure of Firestone Walker 27. It encapsulates the very essence of collaboration, mixing not only stalwarts like Double DBA but infusing new sensations from the likes of Dividing Time and Rip This Joint. The result? A complex profile teeming with the richness of bourbon, the sweetness of bittersweet chocolate, the soulfulness of vanilla, and the depth of dark roast coffee.

Sensory Experience of a Craft Masterpiece

Upon pouring the Firestone Walker 27, its deep dark brown hue captivates, crowned with a subtle beige head. As the ale meets the nose, it’s a dance of bourbon barrels with dark chocolate, enveloped by a whisper of vanilla. And then comes the pivotal moment – the first sip. It’s a rich harmony between the assertive character of bourbon and the comforting tastes of chocolate and vanilla, with coffee notes playing the charming backup.

Without a doubt, the finesse of this ale can be traced back to a meticulously orchestrated barrel-aging venture that suffuses every drop with vanillin and dark sugars. The result is an impeccable balance that leaves you with a yearning for yet another sip.

The Verdict

In line with our ethos of creating content that is both reliable and centered around you, the drinker, the reviews have spoken clearly. Firestone Walker 27 isn’t merely a beverage; it’s an exploration in taste. With each encounter, it reveals a new layer, whether it’s graham cracker chocolate, toffee, or the unexpected zest of cinnamon. The presence of oak bourbon barrel wood only amplifies the intricacy of flavors from cocoa nibs to licorice, all while maintaining a magnificently sublime and toasted balance.

Aroma Highlights Taste Highlights
Bourbon Barrels Vanilla Harmony
Dark Chocolate Dark Sugars
Toasted Bread Charcoal Finish

To wrap it up, Firestone Walker 27 (XXVII Twenty-Seventh Anniversary Ale) is more than a seasonal release; it’s a grand celebration of craft, complexity, and continuity. It’s a toast to the craft beer aficionado’s quest for an ale that weaves numerous threads into a cohesive and unforgettable flavor tapestry. And with each bottle, Firestone Walker reasserts its capability to push boundaries and elevate the craft beer experience. Here’s to the sensational Firestone Walker 27 – a brew that not only meets expectations but surpasses them in a blaze of glory.

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