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DankHouse Mt. DankMore Review

DankHouse Mt. DankMore Review
DankHouse Mt. DankMore Review
DankHouse Mt. DankMore Review
The Quick Version
DankHouse Mt. DankMore seamlessly weaves together the essence of Talus, Mosaic, and Strata hops into a DDH Double IPA that stands out with its fruity dankness. Crafted by enthusiasts from the Falls, this beer invites with its deep orange haze, floral and citrus aromas, and a delightful dance of flavors ranging from marmalade to tropical fruits. A testimony to masterful brewing, it's a must-try for anyone seeking the pinnacle of craft beer's flavorful journey.
ABV: 8.10%
Brewery: DankHouse Brewing Co.
Reader Rating87 Votes

Experience the Peak of Fruity Dankness with DankHouse Mt. DankMore

Embark on a flavorful journey to the summit of fruity dankness with DankHouse Mt. DankMore. Crafted by the creative geniuses from the Falls, this DDH double IPA is a marvel, dry hopped with a generous blend of Talus, Mosaic, and Strata hops. The result? A beer that’s an absolute congregation of fruity and dank nuances, tailor-made for those who appreciate the finer things in hop culture.

Diving Into the Dank Aroma & Taste of DankHouse Mt. DankMore

From the moment you crack open a can of DankHouse Mt. DankMore, the air fills with the irresistible aroma of floral and citrus notes, mingling with the sweet scent of candied oranges and grapefruit. Take a sip, and you’ll discover a world where dankness and citrus blend seamlessly, accompanied by the delightful taste of marmalade and candied citrus. It’s like a beautifully orchestrated symphony for your taste buds, medium bitter yet deliciously irresistible.

The Icons of DankHouse Mt. DankMore

Every sip of DankHouse Mt. DankMore tells a story, a testament to its exceptional ingredients. Here’s a glimpse into what makes this double IPA stand out:

  • Talus: Known for its vibrant citrus, floral, and woody aromas.
  • Mosaic: A fan favorite for its complex array of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine nuances.
  • Strata: Brings forth a wave of fresh fruit flavors, underscored by a hint of dank herb.

Visual & Sensory Elegance

The appearance of DankHouse Mt. DankMore is just as impressive as its taste and aroma. Poured into a glass, it unveils a deep orange haze, topped with a thick white head. The aesthetic itself invites you in, setting the stage for the sensory experience to follow. Its hazy gold color, complemented by a pale cream-colored head, not only looks inviting but also promises a creamy sweetness with each sip.

Final Verdict: Why DankHouse Mt. DankMore is a Must-Try

It’s clear that DankHouse Mt. DankMore is not just an ordinary DDH Double IPA. It’s a masterpiece crafted with passion, bringing together the zest of citrus, the sweetness of tropical fruits, and the unmistakable character of dank hops. Whether shared among friends or enjoyed in a quiet moment alone, this beer transcends the usual beer drinking experience, making it absolutely essential for any craft beer aficionado. So, when the opportunity arises, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the dank, fruity excellence that is DankHouse Mt. DankMore.

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