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Craft Brewery Moves Stir Excitement in Homewood

Craft Brewery Moves Stir Excitement in Homewood

A New Home for Craft Brewery Enthusiasts in Homewood

Imagine a place where creativity flows as freely as the beer, where revolutionaries, nerds, and the so-called weird ones gather in harmony. This place is not a figment of your imagination—it’s Rabid brewing, a beloved craft brewery that has called Homewood its home for over six years. But now, it’s on the move, and the excitement is brewing within the community, especially among craft brewery enthusiasts.

Rabid Brewing: A Journey from the East to the West

From its cozy nook behind Home Depot on the east side to a more spacious, visible location on the west, Rabid Brewing is exploring new territories in Homewood. This shift not only signifies growth but also a commitment to bringing more joy, creativity, and indeed, more craft beer, to its loyal patrons and the Homewood community at large.

Why Homewood Welcomes the Change

The residents of Homewood have always embraced Rabid Brewing’s unique spirit. With the brewery‘s participation in various community events, from village festivals to farmers markets and more, it’s hard not to fall in love with what Rabid brings to the table—literally and metaphorically.

The Evolution of Rabid Public House

As the brewery plans its relocation, the vision for Rabid Public House is clear. It’s not just about increasing food and beverage options or extending operation hours; it’s about evolving into a community hub that triples the joy, triples the staff, and doubles the space for creativity and fellowship among patrons. This includes continuing signature events like the Feast of the Goat Queen, a unique, fae-costume themed bash that has already captured the hearts of over 850 attendees and several baby goats.

An Unforgettable Community Fixture

One can’t talk about memorable community events without mentioning the Feast of the Goat Queen. With its captivating blend of fantasy, fun, and fauna, this event symbolizes the essence of Rabid Brewing—unbridled joy, creativity, and community engagement. As Rabid Public House takes shape, such signature events promise to grow even more spectacular.

Looking Forward: The Future of Craft Brewery in Homewood

With support from local developers and the Homewood village itself, the future looks bright for Rabid Brewing. A redevelopment agreement within the newly proposed TIF district could see this craft brewery’s new home becoming a cornerstone of community development and engagement. The collaborative effort to merge aesthetics and materials between neighboring projects underscores a shared vision of harmony and growth for Homewood.

In essence, Rabid Brewing’s planned move to Park West Plaza isn’t merely a change of address. It’s a step forward in enriching Homewood’s social and cultural landscape, fostering a community that continues to welcome creatives, revolutionaries, and, of course, craft brewery enthusiasts. Rabid Brewing’s journey from a hidden gem to a beacon of community engagement in Homewood serves as a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and a little bit of hops.

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