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Craft Brewery Success: Empowerment and Community Impact

Craft Brewery Success: Empowerment and Community Impact

Craft Brewery: A Journey of Passion, Persistence, and Local Sourcing

The heartwarming journey of Melaine Raby and Cathy van Kesteren from a casual walk near Chute Lake to opening the doors of Three Lakes brewing is a remarkable narrative of friendship, passion, and entrepreneurship. More than just a craft brewery, it represents a commitment to quality, community, and the empowerment of women entrepreneurs.

The Genesis of a Dream

Raby and van Kesteren’s story began with a longing for a cold beer after an unexpected hike. This moment sparked a conversation about their futures and a realization that they could build something of their own. Their combined love for beer, the outdoors, and camping influenced the thematic direction of their venture, underpinning the essence of Three Lakes Brewing.

Challenges Along the Way

Transitioning from idea to reality wasn’t a walk in the park. Securing Funding, finding the right location, and navigating the bureaucratic maze of liquor licensing were hurdles they overcame with perseverance. The duo’s dedication shines as a beacon for other women entrepreneurs facing similar challenges.

Local Sourcing: A Pledge to Community and Quality

In the spirit of giving back and ensuring quality, Three Lakes Brewing deeply embeds local sourcing into its operations. From ingredients to premises decor, the emphasis on local sourcing not only boosts the local economy but also forges stronger bonds within the community.

Ingredients Locally sourced for freshness and quality
Decor Inspired by and sourced from local artisans
Community Engagement Hosting events and supporting local causes

Empowerment of Women in Craft Brewing

The craft brewery industry is witnessing a refreshing change with women leading the charge. Raby and van Kesteren are at the forefront, inspiring other women entrepreneurs to follow their passion. The unique perspective and innovation women bring to this traditionally male-dominated field underscore Three Lakes Brewing’s distinctive identity.

The Joy of Giving Back

Beyond brewing, Three Lakes Brewing is committed to philanthropy. Through support to the Lake Country Food Bank, children’s lunch programs, and local families in need, the brewery is making a tangible difference in people’s lives, embodying the true spirit of community involvement.

At its core, Three Lakes Brewing is more than a craft brewery; it is a testament to passion, resilience, and the positive impact of supporting local sourcing and empowering women entrepreneurs. One visit, and you’ll not only fall in love with their brews but also with their story and dedication to the community.

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