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Sour Not Sorry Brewing Review

Sour Not Sorry BrewingReview
Sour Not Sorry BrewingReview
Sour Not Sorry Brewing Review
The Quick Version
Sour Not Sorry Brewing, nestled in Plymouth, emerges as a beloved destination for sour beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Garnering praise for its eclectic selection of sour beers, including the innovative sour stouts and the tantalizing pumpkin pie sour, the brewery distinguishes itself with a palpable passion for craft brewing evident in every sip. Coupled with a family-run, welcoming atmosphere and an ever-changing beer menu, Sour Not Sorry Brewing stands out as a must-visit spot for anyone craving a unique beer experience, solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in the world of sour beers.
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Epic Sours Await at Sour Not Sorry Brewing: A Must-Visit in Plymouth

Discover the Charm of Sour Not Sorry Brewing

Nestled in the heart of Plymouth, Sour Not Sorry Brewing emerges as a beacon for sour beer enthusiasts and novices alike. This hidden gem has garnered rave reviews for its unique selection of sour beers, friendly atmosphere, and the passionate family behind the brewery. Let’s dive into what makes Sour Not Sorry Brewing a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the delightful pucker of sour beers.

Unparalleled Passion for Sours

What sets Sour Not Sorry Brewing apart is the unmistakable passion that permeates every pint. Visitors from near and far, including those who’ve made the journey from Western Mass specifically for this sour experience, have been blown away by the depth and quality of the sours on offer. From traditional sour ales to innovative sour stouts, each beer is a testament to the brewer’s dedication and creativity.

A Warm, Family-Run Atmosphere

Stepping into Sour Not Sorry Brewing is like being enveloped in a warm hug, thanks to the family-run vibe and the welcoming nature of the staff. The cozy setting, complete with games to play while you sip your sours, adds to the overall joy of the visit. It’s not just about the beers; it’s about the heartwarming experience that comes with savoring them in such a friendly environment.

Why You Can’t Miss Visiting

– Infinitely refreshing sours that cater to both aficionados and first-timers
– The owner, Colin, curates a fun atmosphere that keeps guests coming back
– Convenient location with an abundance of good vibes and great beers

Dynamic Selection of Sour Beers

The constantly rotating beers on tap mean there’s always something new and exciting to try at Sour Not Sorry Brewing. Whether you’re a fan of the bold pumpkin pie sour or looking for something truly out-of-the-box like a sour stout, your taste buds are in for a treat. And with the owner’s knack for curating fun and unique flavors, you’re guaranteed to find a new favorite with every visit.

Final Thoughts

Sour Not Sorry Brewing isn’t just another brewery; it’s a vibrant community hub where beer-lovers unite over a shared passion for quality sours. The welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the eclectic selection of sours, makes it an unmissable destination for anyone in Plymouth or passing through. If you’ve yet to develop a palate for sours, this place will convert you. And for the connoisseurs, it’s a playground of flavors waiting to be explored.

Remember, whether you’re a seasoned sour sipper or curious about the craze, a trip to Sour Not Sorry Brewing promises a deliciously memorable experience. Don’t miss out on discovering your new favorite sour in this cool, quaint, and infinitely charming Plymouth hotspot.

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