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Phase Three Brewing – Lake Zurich Review

Phase Three Brewing - Lake ZurichReview
Phase Three Brewing - Lake ZurichReview
Phase Three Brewing – Lake Zurich Review
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Phase Three Brewing - Lake Zurich stands out as a beacon for beer enthusiasts, offering a wide selection of exceptional beers coupled with an engaging, family-friendly atmosphere. From the standout Pixel Density IPA and Geo lager to the warmth and welcoming nature of the staff, it's clear this brewery is committed to providing a memorable experience. With mentions of specialty brews, the accommodating tap-room staff, and a variety of engaging family-friendly activities, Phase Three Brewing - Lake Zurich has solidified its place as a must-visit destination for those seeking quality craft beer and an inviting community space.
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Visited with my wife on Saturday afternoon. Standout beers were Pixel Density IPA and Geo lager. All the beers were great – lots of variety you can’t go wrong. This location is very family friendly. Friendly ambiance. Tables and bench seating in the warehouse, pinball machines and video game consoles in one area. Easy to grab beer to go. Small snacks on site, no kitchen. There was an awesome wood fire pizza food truck the day we went- perfect with the beer.

Mind-blowing place: the beers, the looks, the hospitality is exceptional. A place to be for sure. Stopped for a short visit, but definitely have to come back and enjoy more of their impressive fruits of labor. Thank you so much, team!

These people have figured it out. The atmosphere is great, the beer is great, the people are great. I sat at the bar with a friend and everyone working there took the time to talk to us and answer questions. They were so welcoming and helpful. Terrific experience.

Absolutely amazing experience thanks to Sarah! Can’t recommend phase three enough. This was our first time trying out phase three in person and it was incredible!

A) Their beer (Hazy, Juice Double’s and Triple’s and the like) head-of-class purveyor outside of the motherland of Haziness (New England)

B) Phase Three tap-room folk are fantastic ambassadors of the brew scene /tap-room experience.

Definitely will be back, and a fan from afar (Jacksonville, FL needs some Phase Three representation)

I try to make my way to as many breweries as possible, especially those whose beer is supported with good grub. Lake Zurich is a bit of a hike, though, so I haven’t gotten up there yet.

HOWEVER. Garrett over at Bourbon Belly Hospitality recently turned me on to some of the current Phase Three offerings, and oh my sweet baby Jesus are they ever good. There isn’t a “meh” in the bunch.

But since I love fall beers better than almost anything, the P3 Rye Lager is by far my favorite. It’s phenomenal.

And now that I know that this goodness exists, I will be buying it, and I will be visiting for food.

And so should you. 😊

Love this place! This is our second time going and each time it didn’t disappoint. This weekend was the celebration of their 4th anniversary. We had some good beer, enjoyed some good laughs and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Lots of beer selections, it seems there is a food truck quite often, a huge seating area towards the back, and a nice front tap room.

First time there nice event being held came back to the front I want to try the different beers asked if they did a board was told disrespectfully that they offered him in 5 oz. Ordered two the gentleman took my name saw the price is only $10 went to paying cash and was disrespectfully told that they only accept credit told me at my order would be up momentarily so I sat down. After sitting there talking to my spouse gentleman came from back of the bar and said we don’t serve people here you pick it up at the end of the bar disrespectfully so I went up to the end of the bar and picked up my drink and went and sat down. Thought it was a one time experience early in the morning time maybe they weren’t awake. Came back for the event in the afternoon the female server asked me if there was something I needed why my spouse went to use the washroom the server never left my side followed me around like I was a thief if she would have gave me some distance I would have ordered a few more of the items we love feeling we weren’t wanted there

Back in 2021 this place was it! Beer that tasted like ambrosia, and would rival some of the best ipas on the market (trillium, tree house, other half). Something happened in 2022 to the beer recipe or brewer because the product is a shadow of what it was. Not sure if this is a scaling issue with Elmhurst opening but damn did this place take a nose dive in quality control. Would love to know what happened

Great atmosphere, good beer and amazing knowledge staff. Definitely recommend stopping in.

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