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Old Irving Brewing Co. Review

Old Irving Brewing Co.Review
Old Irving Brewing Co.Review
Old Irving Brewing Co. Review
The Quick Version
The review encapsulates the unique charm of Old Irving Brewing Co., highlighting its sumptuous food, innovative brews, and engaging atmosphere. Patrons commend the diverse culinary offerings, from tantalizing chicken tenders to zucchini sandwiches, and rave about the distinctive beers, including the celebrated Cushy series and Hoppy Lager. Despite the bustling environment, the friendly, efficient staff and the cozy, warehouse ambiance make every visit memorable, ensuring Old Irving Brewing Co. stands out as a must-visit destination for both food lovers and beer aficionados alike.
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Discovering the Charm of Old Irving Brewing Co.

Walking into Old Irving Brewing Co. is like stepping into a microcosm of culinary delight and brewing mastery. This gem tucked away in the heart of the city isn’t just a brewery; it’s a place where the food rivals the excellence of its beers. Let’s sip and savor our way through the experiences shared by patrons who’ve fallen under the spell of Old Irving Brewing Co.

The Culinary Adventure Begins

Imagine starting off with tender, golden chicken tenders sprinkled with parmesan cheese, dipped in a duo of BBQ and honey mustard sauces—just one of the many appetizing tales from the patrons of Old Irving Brewing Co. However, the menu doesn’t stop there. From brisket tacos and juicy burgers to a surprisingly delightful key lime pie, every dish seems to take your taste buds on a journey. The variety speaks volumes, catering to all sorts of cravings, including a unique zucchini sandwich that received praise for its freshness and flavor.

Brews That Raise the Bar

Old Irving Brewing Co. shines equally in the beverage department, offering an array of house-made beers that leave a lasting impression. Their Cushy series of fruited sour ales and Thoughts series of Hazy IPAs stand out for their creativity and taste. Whether you’re winding down with a Kolsch, exploring the depth of a stout that reminisces dark chocolate liquor, or enjoying the unexpected delight of a Hoppy Lager, each sip promises a discovery.

Drink Experience
Bloody Mary A spicy twist on a classic, perfect for those skipping beer.
Stout Reminiscent of dark chocolate liquor, an absolute must-try.
Cushy Series Fruited sour ales that offer a delightful tang
Hoppy Lager Crisp and refreshing, perfect post-travel refreshment.

Not Just Another Brewery

One cannot talk about Old Irving Brewing Co. without mentioning the ambiance. The old warehouse feel, traditional brewery aesthetic, and even the challenging acoustics—it all contributes to a memorable experience. Yes, it can get loud, but what’s a good story without having to lean in a bit closer to share it?

The People Behind the Pour

A visit to Old Irving Brewing Co. isn’t just about what’s on your plate or in your glass; it’s also about the people. From bartenders with cool tattoos to the mysteriously jovial crew, the staff’s warmth and prompt service intensify the overall experience, proving that Old Irving Brewing Co. is more than just a brewery or a restaurant. It’s a place where memories are made.

In closing, the stories woven through customer reviews paint a vivid picture of Old Irving Brewing Co. as a haven for both foodies and beer aficionados alike. With a diverse menu, innovative beers, and an unmatched atmosphere, this establishment promises an adventure worth exploring. So, whether you’re hopping off the Blue Line in search of a refreshing pint or craving a soul-satisfying meal, remember—Old Irving Brewing Co. awaits to impress.

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