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Corner Point Brewing Company Review

Corner Point Brewing CompanyReview
Corner Point Brewing CompanyReview
Corner Point Brewing Company Review
The Quick Version
Corner Point Brewing Company swiftly emerges as a cherished local brewery in Berwick, celebrated for its community-centric atmosphere, a broad and inventive beer selection, and a warm, welcoming space that enriches the neighborhood. Through post-COVID expansion, it enhances its offerings with varied brews and food, confirming its status as a must-visit destination for beer aficionados and families alike.
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Discover the Charm of Corner Point Brewing Company

Right in the Heart of Berwick, Corner Point Brewing Company has swiftly become a celebrated locale, perfectly exemplifying the ideal of a community-focused, friendly neighborhood brewery. This gem, avoiding the cliches often associated with “local watering holes,” brings a fresh perspective and an inviting atmosphere to beer enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Expanding Horizons with Flavors and Space

Following their expansion in the enigmatic post-COVID era, Corner Point brewing Company now offers an even larger selection of their delectable brews and mouthwatering food, enhancing the overall customer experience without losing their core essence. Their beer menu strikes the perfect balance, featuring an expansive array of rotating brews alongside reliable staples, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

A Local Hub with Universal Appeal

Corner Point Brewing Company isn’t just about the beer; it’s where family ties shine, with a heartfelt touch to the service – a Mom serving her son’s carefully crafted beers. The brewery‘s outdoor seating area is a haven for those seeking the warmth of a community, offering cozy Fire Pits and picnic tables surrounded by the serene backdrop of the river.

What Sets Corner Point Apart

Despite the occasional menu miss, like an unexpected twist on a Reuben sandwich, the brewery shines bright in the vast brewery sky. Its dog-friendly patio, excellent service, and spotless restrooms complement the delicious IPAs and unique beer selection that goes beyond the typical New England IPAs. The addition of a kitchen is eagerly anticipated, promising to bring the culinary experience up a notch.

Corner Point Brewing Company: A Testament to Quality and Community

From its scenic river views to the diverse beer menu and welcoming atmosphere, Corner Point Brewing Company exemplifies the best of local breweries. Whether you’re cruising through on a motorcycle journey, looking for a cozy spot to savor a pulled pork sandwich, or in search of a family-friendly outing, Corner Point beckons with the promise of good times and great flavors.

In Summary

Corner Point Brewing Company stands out as a beacon of community, quality, and innovation in the craft beer scene. With its thoughtful expansion, attentiveness to customer feedback, and dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, Corner Point is more than just a brewery – it’s a destination worth experiencing.

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