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Vancouver Craft Beer Week: A Guide to the Festival

Vancouver Craft Beer Week: A Guide to the Festival

Everything You Need to Know About Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Are you ready to raise a Glass to one of the most anticipated events in the beer lover’s calendar? Vancouver Craft beer Week (VCBW) is returning, and it’s promising to be a frothy blend of delicious brews, toe-tapping Live Music, and gourmet food pop-ups. This year, the Craft Beer & Music Festival is set to take the spotlight at the PNE, creating a paradise for aficionados and newcomers alike.

What’s on Tap?

Expect an unparalleled selection of over 150 craft beers from the finest breweries dotting our province. From the hoppy to the sour, the rich, and the robust, every palate is catered for. Among the breweries pouring their Heart and soul into your glass are Lillooet brewing Company, Andina Brewing Co, and the innovative minds at Magic Malts Brewing. Let’s not forget, every ticket comes with an all-access pass to unlimited beer sampling – yes, you heard that right, unlimited!

Not Just About the Beer

But what’s good beer without great food? The Craft Beer & Music Festival at the PNE doesn’t hold back when it comes to indulgent eats. Expect to delight your taste buds with treats from chef-led pop-ups featuring everything from creamy mac and cheese to freshly made Lee’s Donuts.

And then, there’s the music – the heartbeat of VCBW. This year’s lineup includes a spectrum of artists, from the heartfelt tunes of Lovely The Band to the energetic beats of Yukon Blonde and Lee Brown, guaranteeing vibes as smooth as your favorite stout.

Get Your Tickets

No need to worry about tokens or counting your samples here. Your ticket grants you a golden ticket to explore, taste, and enjoy everything on offer. Here’s a quick guide on the ticket tiers available:

Tier Price Range
Tier 1 $65-$95
Tier 2 $75-$105
Tier 3 $85-$115
Tier 4 $95-$125

Note that all tickets include not only a sampling spree from 3 to 7 pm but also full access to the live music performances, along with a commemorative tasting cup to remember the day.

Making the Most of Your Vancouver Craft Beer & Music Festival Experience

To truly soak in the essence of VCBW, immerse yourself in the diversity of beers on offer. Chat with the brewers, discover new favorites, and don’t shy away from those you might not typically choose. Between the sumptuous craft beers, the exhilarating live performances, and the mouth-watering food, this festival promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

So, here’s to making summer memories with a beer in hand at Vancouver Craft Beer Week’s Craft Beer & Music Festival at the PNE. Be ready to sip, savor, and dance your way through one of Vancouver’s most lively and flavor-packed events!

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