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Home » Blog » St. Patrick’s Day Feast at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

St. Patrick’s Day Feast at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

St. Patrick's Day Feast at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Iron Hill Brewery

When the month of March rolls around, the air fills with excitement and the aroma of traditional Irish dishes. It’s St. Patrick’s Day menu time at Iron Hill brewery & Restaurant, an event that has become synonymous with authentic celebration and delectable flavors. This year, Iron Hill invites you to embrace the true spirit of Ireland through its specially crafted menu and limited-release seasonal beers.

A Toast to Tradition: Signature Beers

Iron Hill Brewery is not just about food; it’s a shrine to the craft of brewing. A highlight of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations includes the return of the signature O’Sullivan Stout. Named in homage to the Irish roots of co-founder Mark Edelson, this classic beer with its roasty malt flavor and creamy mouthfeel perfectly embodies Irish tradition. Additionally, the Irish Red Ale, with its distinctive hop character and hint of caramel sweetness, makes for a medium-bodied Drink that complements any meal.

  • O’Sullivan Stout: A classic with deep black hue and roasty malt flavor.
  • Irish Red Ale: Medium-bodied with a distinctive hop character.

Irish Flavors Galore

The St. Patrick’s Day menu at Iron Hill Brewery is a culinary journey through Ireland. From hearty Potato Leek Soup to the indulgent O’Sullivan Stout Chocolate Cheesecake, each dish is an ode to its heritage, infused with innovative flavors from Iron Hill’s Irish craft beer. Not to be missed are the classic Corned Beef and Cabbage and the rich Irish Beef Stew, thoughtfully paired with Iron Hill’s finest brews.

Dish Pairing
Shepherd’s Pie Irish Red Ale
Irish Beef Stew O’Sullivan Stout

Embracing the Heart and soul of Irish celebration, Iron Hill Brewery enriches the St. Patrick’s Day experience with its unique blend of tradition and craft. Whether you are dining in to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere or sipping on a signature stout at home, the essence of Ireland is brought to life through every bite and every sip.

Bringing Ireland to Your Table

“There is always something new and exciting happening at Iron Hill, with the St. Patrick’s Day menu and Craft beer pairings being no exception,” says Mark Edelson, Co-Founder and VP of Beer. The dedication to creating an experiential dining event is palpable, as Iron Hill transcends mere dining to celebrate the rich culture and flavors of Ireland.

This St. Patrick’s Day, make your way to Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant and immerse yourself in an authentically Irish celebration filled with mouthwatering dishes and impeccable brews. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the flavors of Ireland with Iron Hill’s St. Patrick’s Day menu – where tradition meets craft.

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