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South Jersey Craft Breweries: Ludlam Island’s Big Move

South Jersey Craft Breweries: Ludlam Island's Big Move

Welcome to the New Home of South Jersey Craft Breweries: Ludlam Island Brewery

Welcome to an exciting journey through the thriving Craft Beer scene in Cape May County. Specifically, we’re talking about the spectacular return of Ludlam Island Brewery to South Jersey. As Craft beer enthusiasts know well, this is not just another brewery; it’s a beacon for innovation and community gathering. Let’s dive into what makes the new location of Ludlam Island Brewery a must-visit spot.

The Relocation and Expansion

The renowned Ludlam Island brewery is sprouting new roots at 2051 Dennisville-Petersburg Road in Woodbine, South Jersey. Previously nestled in Ocean View, the brewery’s expansion allows for more than just Increased production of top-notch craft beer. The new site hosts a full-service Kitchen, an expansive bar, and a delightful outdoor deck, creating a perfect blend of culinary delights and refreshing brews. The strategic location not only enhances the brand’s footprint but also significantly enriches the Local craft beer landscape.

Event Highlights and Community Engagement

Mark your calendars! The grand opening is set for 5 pm on Thursday, May 16th, and promises to be an affair to remember. Ludlam Island Brewery aims to create a festival-like environment with a Food Truck vibe in a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, it supports other local businesses by offering spirits from nearby distilleries alongside their celebrated brews.

Feature Details
Kitchen Full service with American and BBQ style menu
Bar Extensive offerings including local spirits
Outdoor Deck Spacious area for dining and socializing

A Focus on Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Ludlam Island Brewery hasn’t just expanded its physical space; it’s significantly ramped up its commitment to quality and community. From exclusive craft selections to hosting community events, the brewery serves as a hub for Craft Beer Enthusiasts and novices alike. It’s a place where both locals and tourists can savor the richness of South Jersey’s Craft Beer culture.

The opening of this new location by Ludlam Island Brewery is a testament to the unyielding spirit and growth of the Craft Beer Industry in Cape May County. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, this venue offers a new chapter of taste, quality, and camaraderie in South Jersey Craft Breweries. So, let’s raise a glass to new beginnings and unforgettable experiences at Ludlam Island Brewery!

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