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SF Beer Week: A Toast to Bay Area Craft Brews and Events

SF Beer Week: A Toast to Bay Area Craft Brews and Events

Celebrating Innovation and Community at SF Beer Week

Welcome to an exceptional celebration of craft beer culture that has become a tradition since 2009. SF Beer Week showcases the incredible ingenuity, ongoing innovation, and lively community spirit of the Bay Area craft breweries. This event unites beer enthusiasts from Marin County and beyond, offering an array of activities that highlight the unique craft beer scene in the region.

Explore Diverse Events and Rare Tastings

For ten days in February, SF Beer Week invites you to participate in an extensive lineup of events. From rare tastings to unique pairings, each day provides an opportunity for attendees to explore the multifaceted world of craft beer. Notably, events such as the kickoff gala showcase more than 100 independent breweries, offering unlimited tastings of special releases and collaborative brews.

Stay Local or Broaden Your Horizons

Whether you prefer to stay local in Marin County or explore the wider Bay Area, SF beer Week has something for everyone. Marin County beer events feature California canned microbrews and a spotlight on non-IPA styles, including the often-overlooked milds, bitters, lagers, and more. For those adventuring across the Bay Area, the variety of events ensures that every palate is catered to.

Pond Farm Brewing Co. and The Monk’s Kettle Highlights

In the heart of Marin, Pond Farm Brewing Co. offers an indoor-outdoor tasting experience with a special event, Battle of the Guilds. Similarly, The Monk’s Kettle hosts a packed schedule of diverse celebrations, from American sour fests to Triple IPA Fests, ensuring every beer lover finds their perfect sip.

Ounces Outdoors and Adobe Creek Brewing Bring the Fun

Ounces Outdoors steps up with beer bingo and live music, while Adobe Creek Brewing pairs its hazy Triple IPA release with delicious smoked meats, showcasing the array of experiences SF Beer Week has to offer.

Supporting Independent Craft Beer

At its core, SF Beer Week is more than just a festival; it’s a movement supporting local independent breweries. Organized by the nonprofit Bay Area Brewers Guild, the event raises funds to promote and advocate for the craft beer community throughout the greater Bay Area.

Convenient Travel with TRACKS TO TAPS

To ensure a seamless experience, the SMART train offers convenient access to many of the week’s events, making it easy to enjoy the best of Bay Area craft beer without worrying about the drive.

Event Highlight Location Date & Time
Kickoff Gala Pier 35, San Francisco Feb. 9, 6-10 p.m.
Battle of the Guilds Pond Farm Brewing Feb. 10, Noon
Triple IPA Fest The Monk’s Kettle Feb. 17, 11 a.m.

With a vibrant array of events, a strong emphasis on community and innovation, and an unwavering commitment to supporting the changing landscape of craft beer, SF Beer Week truly stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of Bay Area craft breweries and the enthusiasts who support them.

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