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Sault Ste. Marie Microbrewery Revival: Local Investors Step Up

Sault Ste. Marie microbrewery

The Resurgence of Sault Ste. Marie Microbrewery

Cheers are in the air for Sault Ste. Marie as the beloved OutSpoken Brewing makes a triumphant return. The craft beer connoisseurs have been eagerly awaiting this moment, and it’s finally happening. After closing its doors for a while, the downtown taproom is undergoing a transformation that promises to reintroduce this cherished spot under a rejuvenated brand.

The Fresh Faces Behind the Revival

A newly minted group of local investors, including key figures Jeff Elgie and Kevin Rusnell of Peace restaurant fame, have taken the helm to steer the microbrewery into new waters. These visionaries bring a blend of enthusiasm and expertise to the table. With experience from spearheading ventures like Village Media and the marketing firm dig, they are set to make waves in the downtown district.

Reinforcing the Connection with Downtown

The Sault Ste. Marie microbrewery isn’t just a place to enjoy a pint; it’s integral to the downtown identity. OutSpoken Brewing, first established in 2011, quickly became the town’s pride with an array of crowd favorites like the Rabbits Foot IPA and the Anvil Red Ale. It’s not only about sipping on an array of brews; it’s about the sense of community and shared experiences that the brewery fosters.

Innovations and Inspirations

Before the lull, OutSpoken Brewing had embarked on an expansion that took their operations to the Canal District, cementing their intention to bolster Sault Ste. Marie’s tourism and local industry. Now, with a relaunch on the horizon, the microbrewery is poised to further this vision by refreshing the space, promising minor renovations that will enhance the overall patron experience.

Popular Beers Location Impact
Rabbits Foot IPA Downtown Taproom Community Favourite
Magli Rosa Italian Pilsener Canal District Tourism Draw
Anvil Red Ale 350 Queen St E Signature Brew

The Brewing Future

As for the future, it’s looking hoppier than ever. With the addition of Reg Peer as brewmaster, a man whose credentials guarantee the superb quality of every batch, the Sault Ste. Marie microbrewery is in capable hands. What’s more, the investors are engaging with the community through social media, making sure that those who hold the brewery dear are kept in the loop on progress and opening dates.

Sault Ste. Marie and its microbrewery are blending the history and future, creating a recipe for success. So, to everyone who’s longed for a taste of OutSpoken Brewing’s unique and flavorful beers, hang tight. The taps will flow again, the beers will pour, and the heart of the downtown will beat stronger than ever with the spirit of craftsmanship and camaraderie.

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