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Rooftop Brewery Bar: Melbourne’s New Sky-High Haven

Rooftop Brewery Bar: Melbourne's New Sky-High Haven

Discover Melbourne’s First Rooftop Brewery Bar

Excitement is brewing in the Heart of Melbourne as the city gears up for the grand opening of its first-ever rooftop brewery bar. An initiative by Brewmanity, a beloved Melbourne craft beer brand founded by AFL legend David Neitz, this rooftop haven promises a blend of exceptional brews, stunning city views, and a tribute to community and charity.

Where Craft Beer Meets Sky-High Views

Melburnians have a well-documented love affair with rooftop bars, and the addition of a brewery bar to this repertoire is sure to captivate the hearts of beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike. Helmed by head brewer Tim Miller, formerly of Little Creatures, Brewmanity’s rooftop bar takes the craft beer experience to new heights. With 34 taps featuring a range of traditional styles made through natural fermentation methods, this three-storey wonderland has the capacity to host 400 patrons, all eager to sample what could be Victoria’s most unique brewery bar offerings.

A Space for Every Taste

The ground floor houses an industrial-style beer hall where patrons can witness the brewing magic as it unfolds. Ascend to the next level, and you’re greeted by a vast terrace offering panoramic views of Melbourne’s skyline. Whether you’re in for a new tasting paddle or exploring the drinks list that extends to local indie wines, spirits, and cocktails, Brewmanity ensures a space that caters to every palate. For those peckish moments, a menu packed with share plates, bar bites, vegan, and gluten-free options stands ready to satisfy.

A Charitable Mission at Heart

More than just a brewery bar, Brewmanity is a testament to the power of good beer doing good deeds. Co-founded by AFL legend David Neitz, the brand is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Through regular fund-raising events and initiatives, Brewmanity continues to pour goodness into every aspect of its operation, reinforcing the strong connection between Melbourne craft beer lovers and the broader community.

Don’t Miss Out on This Rooftop Experience

Opening just in time for the Labour Day weekend, this rooftop brewery bar is poised to become Melbourne’s new hotspot. With AFL legend David Neitz’s vision of brewing excellence and community spirit, Brewmanity invites everyone to explore the good that comes from sharing a pint. Whether it’s the allure of the rooftop views, the quality of the craft beer, or the chance to contribute to charity, there’s something for everyone at this groundbreaking venue. Don’t miss out on making your next outing a truly memorable one.

So, grab your friends, book a table, and experience the finest brews under the Melbourne sky. Remember, every sip at Brewmanity not only brings joy to you but also contributes to a greater cause. Cheers to good beer, great views, and even greater deeds!

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