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RAR Brewing Unveils Chessie’s Wharf in West Annapolis

RAR Brewing

Discover the Charm of Chessie’s Wharf: RAR Brewing’s Latest Masterpiece in West Annapolis

Nestled along the vibrant streets of West Annapolis, Chessie’s Wharf emerges as a beacon for craft beer enthusiasts and those seeking a unique social experience. The latest venture of RAR Brewing, this taproom and restaurant beckons with its eclectic mix of maritime mystery and modern innovation.

Step Inside the World of Chessie’s Wharf

As you cross the threshold of Chessie’s Wharf, your eyes are drawn to the glittering gold tap handles, each one a homage to the legendary Chesapeake Bay monster, Chessie, akin to Scotland’s Loch Ness. Among the various curios, you may spot faux seagulls, perched as if overseeing the patrons below, while the merchandise stall brims with T-shirts and beer cans nestled on convincing piles of ‘ice.’

However, it’s the harmonic chorus of Big Mouth Billy Bass plaques that owner Chris Brohawn believes will capture the heart of Chessie’s Wharf. Lining the walls, these animatronic icons, reminiscent of basement memorabilia, now serenade guests with an eclectic playlist ranging from briny sea shanties to the dulcet tones of the Backstreet Boys.

More Than Just a Taproom

RAR Brewing isn’t merely about the hops and barley. It’s an experience, a culture. Modelling Chessie’s Wharf after storied fish markets such as San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, Brohawn has infused a dose of Californian inspiration into the heart of Annapolis.

The design whispers tales of the sea and craft, inviting you to delve deeper into the RAR Brewing story, one which proudly began in Cambridge. Despite the absence of the familiar RAR emblem adorning the external signage, visitors are well aware that they’ve stepped into RAR Brewing territory, complete with 28 RAR beers on tap, ready to tantalize and delight.


On Tap Can To-Go
Nanticoke Nectar Westside Connection
Creamsicle Colored Sour Out of Order American Sour


An Invitation to Indulge

A visit to Chessie’s Wharf grants you passage to a world where classic comforts meet modern twists. Imagine relishing a Chessie Deluxe burger, with its double beef patties, or a Pool Hall Dog, a nod to the historic past of RAR Brewing’s very foundation. Moreover, the inclusion of other craft breweries on tap and the ample selection of cans to-go ensures every palate can voyage through a spectrum of ale-inspired delights.

Building on a Legacy

From its roots as a local pool hall to becoming a lodestar in the craft brewery renaissance, RAR Brewing has knit together a decade of passion and growth. The opening of Chessie’s Wharf on the Western Shore is a testament to Chris Brohawn’s vision and the unwavering drive that saw him transform a childhood hangout into a craft beer haven. It stands as an inviting beacon, not just for those heading to Ocean City, but for any soul yearning for a taste of RAR Brewing’s innovation and zeal.

A Future as Rich as Its Ale

With dreams of expanding the Dive Club and possibly transforming Chessie Burger into a thriving fast-food chain, Brohawn’s aspirations are as boundless as the ocean itself. Yet, the present focus remains anchored in building Chessie’s Wharf’s presence, enticing visitors from Annapolis, Baltimore, and beyond. An entrepreneur at heart, Chris recognizes the value of listening to the sea of voices from RAR Brewing patrons and finds resolving their cravings as rewarding as a balmy sea breeze.

Chessie’s Wharf has indeed charted a course for success, marrying the authentic RAR Brewing experience with the allure of marine adventure. And as the chorus of Big Mouth Billy Bass echoes through the room, one thing is clear: every visit promises a new discovery and an ever-deepening appreciation for the craft at the heart of RAR Brewing.

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