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Premium Lager: Revolution Brewing’s Craft Mastery

Premium Lager: Revolution Brewing's Craft Mastery

Premium Lager: A Tribute to Craftsmanship and Patience

Revolution brewing, an emblem of Illinois for being its largest independent brewery, and lauded for its impressive portfolio of craft brews, has introduced a new addition that stands as a testament to the art of brewing. The ‘Cold Time’ premium lager, a blend of tradition and innovation, is more than just a drink; it’s a celebration of brewing mastery.

Creating the Perfect Blend

This premium lager is the epitome of what happens when old-world brewing techniques meet modern flair. Crafted with pure Great Lakes water and Mexican lager yeast, complemented by two-row barley and a sprinkle of German hops, ‘Cold Time’ represents the zenith of lager craftsmanship. Moreover, its slow brewing process ensures a flavor that’s both refreshing and rich, designed to be savored fresh from the brewery without ever undergoing pasteurization.

The Essence of ‘Cold Time’

What sets this premium lager apart is the ethos it embodies – a reminder of the value of patience in achieving unparalleled taste. Brewmaster Jim Cibak remarks, “You can taste the extra time and effort.” This sentiment underscores the brewery’s dedication to creating straightforward, yet profoundly satisfying beverages for anyone with a thirst for quality. Indeed, ‘Cold Time’ is a vessel of the brewery’s craft brews excellence, offering a clear, authentic taste of what Revolution Brewing stands for.

Ingredient Source Contribution
Great Lakes Water Local Purity
Mexican Lager Yeast Imported Uniqueness
Two-row Barley Selected Farms Body
German Hops Imported Hint of Flavor

In the realm of craft brews, ‘Cold Time’ is a shining example of Revolution Brewing’s commitment to excellence. It is not just a beer; it’s a piece of brewing history, a blend of meticulous selection and brewing patience. So, here’s to the premium lager – a beacon of craft brewing‘s vibrant future, rooted in its rich heritage and dedicated craftsmanship.

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