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Home » Blog » Parker 400 Off-Road Festival: A Desert Race Meets Craft Beer

Parker 400 Off-Road Festival: A Desert Race Meets Craft Beer

Parker 400 Off-Road Festival

Celebrating The Parker 400 Off-Road Festival with Custom Craft Beer

Are you ready for the roar of engines and the festive spirit of off-road racing? The Parker 400 Off-Road Festival is not just any event; it’s an adrenaline-pumping celebration of dust, endurance, and the close-knit community of off-road enthusiasts. And this year, something special is brewing – quite literally! Let’s dive into the heart of Arizona’s most awaited off-road race and discover its unique partnership with a craft beer sensation.

Belching Beaver Joins the Off-Road Tradition

Belching Beaver, the Southern California brewing powerhouse, has become synonymous with the off-road racing culture. Their Peanut Butter Milk Stout and Deftones Phantom Bride IPA have not only won the hearts of beer aficionados but have also become a fixture in the dusty trails and finish lines of iconic races. This year, they’re the “Official Craft Beer of The Parker 400,” introducing a custom branded limited “Parker 400” beer that promises to quench the thirst of racers and fans alike.

Imagine crossing the finish line, your vehicle a testament to your tenacity, and being handed a can of the finest, most refreshing lager. That’s the kind of experience the Parker 400 Off-Road Festival offers – a blend of competitive spirit and celebratory toasts.

A Toast to Off-Road Racing History

What’s a festival without a nod to tradition? The Parker 400 is not merely about the exciting off-road challenges; it’s a tribute to half a century of racing history. As racers prepare their vehicles for the arduous journey ahead, fans can enjoy the custom vintage-style artwork that graces the collectible cans of Belching Beaver’s custom brew. It’s a keepsake for enthusiasts and an ode to the event’s storied past.

Unlimited Off-Road Racing and The Community

Matt Martelli, CEO of Unlimited Off-Road Racing, gets it spot on when he says, “The best beer in your life is the one you have after crossing the finish line at an off-road race!” This sentiment echoes throughout the Parker 400 Off-Road Festival, where the community comes together to celebrate resilience and camaraderie.

And for Belching Beaver founder Tom Vogel, it’s a personal affair. With a home on the river and a passion for off-roading, Vogel’s commitment to the festival is a blend of personal interests and community engagement. His excitement for the festivities and the Poker Run is a reflection of the authentic spirit that permeates this thrilling event.

About The Parker 400 – A Legendary Race

The Parker 400 is more than just a race; it’s an embodiment of the off-road spirit. Featuring over 40,000 fans, live entertainment, and a global reach, the event has carved its niche as a high-profile celebration. With the Martelli Brothers at the helm, the festival continues to grow, respecting the rugged beauty of the Arizona desert and the unyielding spirit of its racers.

About Belching Beaver Brewery – Dam Good Beer

Since its inception in 2012, Belching Beaver Brewery has made waves with its quality craft beers and whimsical charm. The brewery’s mission is simple – create great beer and inspire good times. With offerings ranging from Blondes to IPAs and barrel-aged specialties, there’s a Beaver brew for every taste.

About UNLTD Off-Road Racing – Pushing the Limits

The Martelli Brothers’ legacy continues with UNLTD Off-Road Racing. Formed with the goal of promoting the sport of off-road racing, this league offers high car counts, challenging courses, and an experience that extends beyond the industry and into the hearts of fans worldwide.

In conclusion, the Parker 400 Off-Road Festival is not just a test of endurance; it’s a celebration of culture, community, and yes, a damn good beer. So if the thrill of the race isn’t enough to get your heart racing, perhaps the promise of a unique, crisp Belching Beaver lager at the finish line will!

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