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Newport Events: A Guide to Music, Beer, and Family Fun

Newport Events: A Guide to Music, Beer, and Family Fun

Discover the Best Of Newport Events: Your Ultimate Guide

There’s no denying it, Newport is buzzing with excitement as the calendar hits March 1 – 3, 2024. From Craft beer tastings to live music grooves, Newport events are set to provide unforgettable experiences. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Newport or seeking live music in Newport and Newport entertainment, you’ve hit the jackpot with this guide.

Live Music & Entertainment Galore

When it comes to live music, Newport takes the stage. The city’s diverse venues host an array of talented artists, ensuring every music lover finds their beat. Whether it’s the soulful sounds at Busker’s Irish Pub or the dynamic performances by Newport Celtic Players, the city is a haven for live music enthusiasts.

  • Busker’s Irish Pub: Live music vibes at 9 pm
  • Johnny’s Restaurant: The melodic tunes of Lainey Dionne at 6 pm
  • One Pelham East: A musical odyssey featuring Jimmy Weinstock and the Felix Brown Band

Moreover, for those who enjoy laughter and lively entertainment, the Improv night at The Firehouse Theater is a must-go. Newport’s stages are set to enthrall and entertain, making live music in Newport a cornerstone of the city’s charm.

Pints and Laughs: Craft Beer Week and More

Newport also heralds the celebration of exquisite craft beers. The craft beer Week promises half-price pints and beer flights at Taproot Brewing Co., alongside engaging blind beer tastings. Such events are perfect for chill afternoons, tasting the local brews and making new friends.

Family Fun and Cultural Experiences

But it’s not all about the adults! Newport events cater to family fun too. Engaging activities like Baby Playtime at Newport Public Library and the Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss reading make sure even the tiniest of visitors have a grand time.

Activity Location Time
Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration Portsmouth Free Public Library 10 am
LEGO Club Newport Public Library 11 am

Cultural aficionados will appreciate the unique blend of art and heritage events on offer. From “Artistic Alchemy” at Deblois Gallery to the musical tribute to Black Excellence at Pyramid Club, Newport seamlessly intertwines entertainment with enlightenment.

The Charm of Newport Entertainment

Newport shines not only as a beacon for live music but as a fulcrum of comprehensive entertainment. The Newport entertainment scene is vibrant, diverse, and inclusive, ensuring there’s something spectacular for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re in the mood for live music in Newport, thrilled by craft beer, or eager to explore family-friendly activities and cultural experiences, Newport events from March 1 – 3, 2024, are where memories are made. Mark your calendar and set sail for an adventure in Newport – it’s an invite to live, love, and laugh like never before.

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