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Home » Blog » New York Craft Beer Competition: A Triumph for Kingston Standard

New York Craft Beer Competition: A Triumph for Kingston Standard

New York Craft Beer Competition: A Triumph for Kingston Standard

Discover the Triumph at the New York Craft Beer Competition

The New York Craft beer Competition has become a beacon of excellence in the bustling world of craft brewing. In its recent iteration, the competition witnessed a plethora of breweries vying for the top spot. Yet, it was Kingston Standard Brewing that emerged victorious, capturing the essence of innovation and quality with their acclaimed Barrel Aged Sour Beer, Love is Overtaking Me. This brew, a masterpiece of complexity and flavor, not only clinched the Governor’s Craft Beer Cup but also positioned Kingston Standard Brewing as a frontrunner in the Craft beer industry.

The Brewing Brilliance of Kingston Standard

Kingston Standard brewing, guided by traditional German brewing methods, has rapidly ascended in the craft beer community. Their commitment to clean, easy-drinking beers infused with the unique twist of barrel fermentation has garnered them well-deserved attention and acclaim. But beyond their brewing techniques, it’s their spirit of innovation, as showcased in Love is Overtaking Me, that truly sets them apart.

The brewery’s success at the New York craft beer competition is a testament to their dedication and the high quality of their products. From their location at 22 Jansen Ave., they’ve made an indelible mark on the Craft beer scene, offering not just exceptional beers but a vibrant venue that serves up delicious pizzas, salads, oysters, and the crowd-favorite summer lobster rolls.

Love is Overtaking Me: A Cut Above

Winning the Governor’s Cup is no small feat, especially considering the stiff competition from across New York. Tait Simpson, the head brewer, and his team’s shock at receiving such a prestigious award speaks volumes about the humble yet passionate approach of Kingston Standard Brewing. Love is Overtaking Me, a Barrel Aged Sour Beer, embodies this ethos. Crafted in vintage batches, this beer is a labor of love, continuously refined and perfected since the brewery’s establishment in 2019.

The brewery’s ambition doesn’t stop here. As the “new kids on the block,” Kingston Standard Brewing is set on making a lasting impact within the New York brewing industry landscape. Their surprising win at the New York Craft Beer Competition is only the beginning, hinting at the bright future that lies ahead.

Beer Category Award
Love is Overtaking Me Barrel Aged (Sour) Governor’s Cup

Dedication, innovation, and a dash of surprise have positioned Kingston Standard Brewing at the forefront of the craft beer conversation, especially after their notable victory at the New York Craft Beer Competition. Love is Overtaking Me stands as a beacon of their brewing prowess, inviting beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike to explore the rich tapestry of flavors they have to offer. As they continue to push the boundaries and redefine what craft beer can be, Kingston Standard Brewing remains a name to watch—and, more importantly, a beer to savor.

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