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Home » Blog » Morgantown Brewery Expansion: Chestnut Brew Works’ New Adventure

Morgantown Brewery Expansion: Chestnut Brew Works’ New Adventure

Morgantown Brewery Expansion: Chestnut Brew Works' New Adventure

Morgantown Brewery Expansion: A Toast to Chestnut Brew Works

Exciting news brews in the heart of Morgantown, as Chestnut Brew Works, a beloved local brewery, announces its expansion to a second location on Pleasant Street in downtown Morgantown. This much-anticipated move not only reflects the brewery’s success but also signifies a vibrant contribution to the city’s blossoming cultural tapestry.

A New Chapter on Pleasant Street

The new Chestnut beer Hall and Bistro is set to open its doors at 132 Pleasant St., a site previously known for housing Black Bear Burritos. With plans to feature 20 beer taps alongside a variety of simple yet delightful eats like flatbreads and pretzels, the new venue is poised to become a haven for beer aficionados and foodies alike. The inclusion of wine and cider in the menu ensures that even those with a penchant for grapes and apples find their thirst quenched.

Brewing More Than Beer: Embracing the Community

William Rittenour, the visionary behind Chestnut Brew Works, shares a compelling vision for the new location. It stands as a beacon of the brewery’s commitment to contributing to the communal fabric of downtown Morgantown. By participating in the Private Outdoor Designated Area (PODA), the establishment encourages communal engagement in the heart of the city. This initiative enables guests to enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages outdoors, fostering a lively, inclusive atmosphere.

Supporting Downtown Revitalization

The expansion of Chestnut Brew Works aligns with the broader goal of revitalizing downtown Morgantown. The brewery’s commitment to creating welcoming, inviting spaces resonates with the city’s efforts to enhance its downtown area. Rittenour’s enthusiasm for being part of this revitalization underscores the brewery’s role not just as a business, but as an active participant in the community’s growth and vibrancy.

Anticipation Builds for the Grand Opening

As the Chestnut Beer Hall and Bistro readies to begin operations, excitement brews among Morgantown residents and visitors. The promise of a new locale to enjoy exceptional craft beer and delicious food, all while basking in the beauty of downtown Morgantown, has everyone marking their calendars for the grand opening expected by the end of February.

A Continued Legacy

Even as Chestnut Brew Works expands, its original location on Brockway Avenue remains the heart where the cherished CBW beer is born. This commitment to maintaining the quality and spirit of their beer, even as the business grows, cements Chestnut Brew Works’ legacy in Morgantown’s vibrant community.

In the end, the expansion of Chestnut Brew Works to a second location in downtown Morgantown celebrates not only the success of a local brewery but the evolving story of a community. It’s a testament to the power of local businesses in shaping inviting, dynamic urban spaces where memories are brewed and shared.

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