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Home » Blog » Montclair Brewery Valentine’s Day Event: Trivia, Beer, and Equity

Montclair Brewery Valentine’s Day Event: Trivia, Beer, and Equity

Montclair Brewery Valentine's Day Event: Trivia, Beer, and Equity

Montclair Brewery Valentine’s Day Celebration: A Toast to Love and Diversity

In the heart of Montclair, New Jersey, a unique celebration captures the essence of community, love, and progress. The Montclair brewery, renowned for its commitment to bringing people together, is hosting an event that combines Valentine’s Day festivity with a significant message of racial equity in the craft beer industry. Introducing the Montclair Brewery Valentine’s Day-themed trivia night – a perfect blend of romance, education, and social awareness.

Valentine’s Day Trivia: More Than Just a Game

On February 14th, from 6 to 8 p.m., Montclair Brewery turns into a hub of romance and knowledge. The Valentine’s Day-themed trivia encompasses questions on romantic-comedy movies, love songs, and the history of Valentine’s Day itself. However, it’s not just the trivia that’s drawing attention. The event symbolizes a broader commitment to inclusivity and marks a step towards addressing the lack of diversity in the craft beer sector—a topic that resonates deeply within the community.

A Sip Towards Change: Brewing for Racial Equity

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Montclair Brewery joins forces with Allagash brewing Company and Crowns & Hops, a Black-owned brewery, to launch two special beers during Black History Month. This partnership is not just about creating unique flavors; it’s a statement of purpose, highlighting the ongoing efforts to increase racial equity in the craft beer industry. Proceeds from these beers, Cur-8 and Verb, will support the 8 Trill Initiative, aiding Black entrepreneurs in the craft beer ecosystem.

This collaboration is a toast to the power of unity and shared goals. The presence of such initiatives sheds light on a critical issue—the underrepresentation of Black-owned breweries, which currently stands at less than 1% in the U.S.

Key Highlights of the Montclair Brewery Valentine’s Day Event

  • Valentine’s Day-themed trivia night that combines love and laughter with awareness and activism.
  • Collaboration with notable breweries to promote craft beer racial equity.
  • Support for the 8 Trill Initiative, enhancing the visibility and success of Black entrepreneurs in the brewing industry.

As the Montclair Brewery Valentine’s Day event approaches, let us not only raise a glass to love and camaraderie but also to the strides we make together towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Here’s to celebrating Valentine’s Day, craft beer racial equity, and the joy of community that defines Montclair Brewery.

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