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Mass Timber Building Revolution in Delafield, Wisconsin

Mass Timber Building Revolution in Delafield, Wisconsin

A Groundbreaking Venue: Discovering Delafield’s First Mass Timber Building

Imagine stepping into a building where every detail, from the ambiance to the architecture, whispers sustainability and style. That’s what awaits in Delafield with its very first mass timber building, a groundbreaking development that’s not only an architectural marvel but also an embodiment of eco-friendliness. And guess what? Inside this pioneering structure, you’ll find the first Wisconsin location of Voodoo Brewing Co., a name synonymous with innovation and quality in the craft beer scene.

What Makes Mass Timber Buildings Special?

Mass timber buildings are not just a nod to sustainable construction practices; they are a revolution in how we think about urban development. By utilizing a mass timber building, Delafield is positioning itself at the forefront of an environmentally conscious movement that champions both beauty and ecological responsibility.

Welcome to Voodoo Brewing Co.

Voodoo Brewing Co., founded in 2005 in Pennsylvania, has become an iconic name in the craft beer industry. Known for their ethos of community and top-tier beer selection, Voodoo Brewing is set to bring its unique vibe to Delafield, occupying a prime spot in this mass timber marvel.

The east building of The Grain—a mixed-use development at 705 Genessee St—will house this exceptional brewery. Alongside Voodoo Brewing Co., The Grain will feature office spaces, parking, and retail spaces, fostering a community of creativity and collaboration. This $25 million development promises to be a hub for both residents and visitors.

What’s On Offer at Voodoo Brewing Co.?

Voodoo Brewing Co. is not just about craft beer—they’re about creating experiences. With an array of pub food favorites like burgers, pizza, and wings, plus a weekend brunch menu, they cater to all tastes. The indoor and outdoor seating options ensure that whether you’re basking in the sun or cozying up inside, you’re in for a good time.

But let’s talk about the main attraction: the craft beer. From the Good Vibes West Coast IPA to the Oh Mama American golden lager, Voodoo Brewing Co.’s selection is diverse and delightful. They also feature seasonal specials and spontaneous releases, making every visit a potential discovery of your new favorite brew.

A Commitment to Community and Craft

Voodoo Brewing Co. is employee-owned, emphasizing a community-first approach that resonates in their service and product quality. From their origins in Meadville, Western Pennsylvania, to their expansion across the States, each location breathes uniqueness while maintaining the core values that Voodoo stands for.

Why Delafield?

Delafield is more than just a location; it’s a statement. Choosing to establish the first Wisconsin Voodoo Brewing Co. in a mass timber building in Delafield speaks volumes about embracing innovation while honoring the environment. The city, known for its charm and vivacity, is the perfect backdrop for such a pioneering venture.

In conclusion, the arrival of this mass timber building, and within it Voodoo Brewing Co., marks an exciting chapter for Delafield. As the community gears up to welcome this addition, it’s clear that this is not just a development; it’s a leap into the future of sustainable architecture and craft beer excellence. Cheers to that!

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