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Mason’s Brewing Company Unveils New Machias Location

Mason's Brewing Company Unveils New Machias Location

Discover Mason’s Brewing Company’s Exciting New Venture in Machias

Welcome to an exhilarating new chapter for Mason’s Brewing Company, a beloved mainstay in the craft beer scene. Expanding their passion and unique flair for creating top-quality, imaginative food and terrific craft beer, Mason’s is set to open a new location in the picturesque Downeast region of Maine, specifically in the charming town of Machias. Let’s dive into what makes this expansion a refreshing addition to the Mason’s family and why the Machias location, dubbed Mason’s Downeast, is poised to become a new favorite.

Mason’s Downeast: Blending Tradition with Innovation

Acquiring the long-established Bluebird Ranch Restaurant, Mason’s brewing Company is bringing its signature Craft beer and imaginative food to Machias. With plans to modernize while honoring the restaurant’s 30-year legacy, Mason’s is set on revamping the space to introduce a vibrant bar atmosphere, elevated food experiences, and of course, their acclaimed craft beer. This transition exemplifies how Mason’s respects local traditions while injecting their innovative spirit into the local community.

What’s On Tap at Mason’s New Location?

While the new Mason’s Downeast location is set to enchant visitors with its refreshed look and elevated offerings, the Heart of Mason’s – its Craft Beer – continues to be brewed with the same dedication and quality standards at their flagship brewery in Brewer, Maine. From hoppy IPAs to robust stouts, Mason’s Downeast will showcase the full spectrum of Mason’s Brewing Company’s craft beer mastery.

Experience Matters: Mason’s Commitment to Top-Quality Service

What sets Mason’s Brewing Company apart is not just their exceptional craft beer or the novelty of their food but their unwavering commitment to top-quality service. Understanding the importance of a welcoming atmosphere paired with expertly crafted beverages and dishes, Mason’s ensures that every visit is memorable, making Mason’s Downeast an anticipated addition to the Machias dining and craft beer scene.

Join Us in Anticipation

As Mason’s Brewing Company puts the finishing touches on their new Machias location, excitement continues to build. A teaser photo released on the Masons Downeast Facebook Page has already drawn attention, hinting at the unique and inviting atmosphere that awaits. So, stay tuned and prepare to embark on a flavor journey that only Mason’s Brewing Company can provide, right in the heart of Downeast Maine.

In essence, Mason’s Brewing Company is expanding its horizon while staying true to its roots. With a keen eye on blending the old with the new, Mason’s Downeast is set to be the next crown jewel in their esteemed lineup. It symbolizes not just growth for Mason’s but also a thrilling new venue for locals and visitors in Machias to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the finest craft beer and imaginative food in the region.

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