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Home » Blog » Marquette-affiliated Craft Beer: A Student Brew Success

Marquette-affiliated Craft Beer: A Student Brew Success

Marquette-affiliated Craft Beer: A Student Brew Success

Discover the Unique Marquette-affiliated Craft Beer from Blue & Gold Brewing LLC

In the lively ambiance of college life and entrepreneurship, Blue & Gold brewing LLC shines as a beacon of student innovation and creativity. Originating from the depths of Marquette University’s College of Business Administration, this student-run business has managed to brew more than just the perfect batch of beer; it has fermented a unique blend of tradition, learning, and community spirit.

A Special Brew with a Story

The beer Can, a cream ale with a twist of history and tradition, makes its grand debut, captivating the hearts of both beer connoisseurs and the Marquette community. This cream ale, named after the iconic former McCormick Hall, carries a legacy as rich as its flavor. With fruity and citrusy notes that dance upon your palate, this cream ale distinguishes itself through its Michigan-grown Chinook hops and a smooth mouthfeel, making it the perfect toast to camaraderie and heritage.

Student-run Business Brewing Success

The formula to Blue & Gold Brewing’s success is not just in their hops but in their approach. By involving students in every aspect of the business—from market research and product naming to logistics and entrepreneurial strategies—this venture not only brews quality beers like The Beer Can but also emboldens students with invaluable hands-on experience. This student-run business model fosters a community where creativity meets opportunity, illustrating a profound commitment to transforming students into leaders of positive change.

More Than Just a Brewery

Blue & Gold Brewing encapsulates a spirit of innovation and community service. Adhering to the narrative of responsible drinking, the brewery, in collaboration with Marquette University’s student-run ventures program, educates and promotes responsible decisions around alcohol consumption. This initiative not only highlights the importance of safety and responsibility but also strengthens the bond between the university, its students, and the wider community.

Where to Find This Legendary Ale

Eager to savor this melding of history and flavor? The Beer Can will be available at various retail locations, including partnering breweries such as Good City Brewing, Broken Bat Brewing, and Gathering Place Brewing, just in time for National Marquette Day. For those who wish to find the nearest glass of this Marquette-affiliated craft beer, a visit to provides all the necessary details.

The Brew Behind the Legends

The dedication of Blue & Gold Brewing LLC to creating a Marquette-affiliated craft beer that transcends mere refreshment is evident. Through the creation of The Beer Can, this student-run business celebrates not only the legacy of McCormick Hall but also the spirit of innovation and community that Marquette University embodies. In every sip, supporters are reminded of the power of collaboration, entrepreneurship, and the timeless value of education.

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