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Hawaii News Now Sunrise: Daily Insights & Island Highlights

Hawaii News Now Sunrise

Welcome to Hawaii News Now Sunrise!

As the sun peeks over the horizon and the waves greet the morning, Hawaii News Now Sunrise is already buzzing with the latest happenings in the Aloha State. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or gearing up for the day, you can count on us to bring you the news that matters to you.

Catch the Latest Headlines

Keep yourself informed with our in-depth coverage of local headlines. From the hustle and bustle of Oahu to the serene landscapes of Maui, we’re on top of the stories shaping our community.

  • Breaking news updates
  • Community impact stories
  • Local business highlights

Maui Wildfires: Staying Safe and Informed

Wildfires in Maui can ignite with little warning, and Hawaii News Now Sunrise ensures you have essential safety tips and real-time updates to protect your family and home.

Weather Forecasts You Can Trust

Hawaii’s weather is as varied as its islands. Our reliable weather forecasts will help you plan your day, whether you’re heading out to surf or taking a scenic hike.

Sports: Catch All the Action

From Warrior Nation to Bracket Busters, we cover all the thrilling sports action. Stay updated on game times, player stats, and predictions.

Unwind with Entertainment and Activities

Looking for leisure? Dive into Hawaii’s vibrant entertainment scene with our features on the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Keiki Hula, and more. Discovering Oahu’s activities is a breeze with our regularly updated guides.

Community and Culture at the Heart

Honor the past with stories about Queen Emma and embrace today with emergency preparedness resources. Hawaii News Now Sunrise prioritizes what builds and nurtures our community.

Stories That Matter

Real people, real stories. From heartfelt profiles to critical analyses, like the lessons learned from the false missile alert six years ago, our reporting digs deeper.

Quench Your Thirst at Beer Lab HI

Beer enthusiasts rejoice—our coverage of Beer Lab HI’s craft brewery scene is as rich as their rotating selection of brews. Get the scoop on their full-service restaurant and four Oahu locations.

What’s Brewing Today?

Beer Lab HI brings innovation to every pint. We share the latest on their unique offerings and community events.

Guy Hagi: Hawaii’s Favorite Weatherman

And, speaking of favorites, let’s not forget about our very own Guy Hagi, who recently made waves with a shoutout on the Golf Channel. His forecasts? Just like his reputation: spot-on and full of sunshine.

With engaging stories, up-to-the-minute news, and features that celebrate our island home, Hawaii News Now Sunrise is your daily dose of all things Hawaii. Join us each morning and turn the start of your day into a vibrant experience!

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