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Great Dane Brewing Japan Revolutionizes Craft Beer Scene

Great Dane Brewing Japan

Exploring the Craft Beer Revolution with Great Dane Brewing Japan

Picture this: the vibrant, bustling streets of Akiu Onsen, Sendai, Japan, now home to an exceptional new addition – Great Dane Brewing Japan. This venture not only marks an exciting chapter for the renowned Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. but also signifies a brewing revolution in Japan’s craft beer scene.

The Birth of a Brewing Giant in Japan

The official opening of Great Dane Brewing Japan is not just a celebration of new beginnings but a tribute to the visionary minds behind it. Spearheaded by Rob LoBreglio, the co-founder of the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co., this ambitious project aims to flood the Japanese market with an array of delightful beers, introducing new styles that promise to enchant the local craft beer aficionados.

“I have a personal connection to Japan, and I felt like brewing here would afford me the opportunity to become an ambassador of beer,” LoBreglio shared, reminiscing about his journey and the inception of Great Dane. The idea of teaching and introducing new beer styles to Japan echoes the spirit with which Great Dane was started decades ago in America.

A Brewery with a Vision

Great Dane Brewing Japan is set to be more than just a brewery. Envisioned as a hub for beer lovers, it will feature a restaurant and tasting room where enthusiasts can indulge in classic Dane items along with exciting new dishes. What’s more, the brewery is geared up for higher production volumes, complemented by on-site packaging capabilities, signaling a promising future for craft beer distribution across Japan.

The brewery proudly presents its flagship beer, “Great Lager,” embodying a delicious harmony of dry, crisp notes favored in Japan, jazzed up with European and American flavors. This pioneering brew is a testament to Great Dane’s commitment to bridging cultures through the universal language of beer.

A Celebration Back Home

In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity with its new endeavor abroad, Madison-area Great Dane locations are hosting specials until Feb. 4. Patrons can savor a limited-time menu featuring mouth-watering dishes like bao, yakitori, and miso-grilled salmon, along with brand new cocktails designed to complement these dishes perfectly.

But that’s not all – beer lovers can also snag special-edition T-shirts, pint glasses, and stickers, celebrating the pioneering spirit of Great Dane Brewing Japan. For more delightful insights and updates about this brewing adventure, a visit to their website is a must.


Great Dane Brewing Japan stands as a beacon of innovation and cross-cultural friendship in the world of craft beer. As this new location flourishes, it paves the way for an enriched global beer culture, fostering camaraderie and a shared love for exceptional brews. It’s clear that with Great Dane Brewing Japan, the craft beer scene in Japan is poised for an exciting era of growth and discovery.

So, here’s to Great Dane Brewing Japan – may your taps never run dry and your barrels always overflow with the finest brews!

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