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Goldfinger Brewing Company: A Toast to Tradition and Taste

Goldfinger Brewing Company

Discover the Charm of Goldfinger Brewing Company

Stepping into the heart of Downers Grove, the scent of malt cooking wafts through the air, a promise of quality and tradition in every batch. The name Goldfinger Brewing Company is not just a nod to cinematic greatness but a lineage of beer artisans. This small brewery, esteemed for its traditional techniques, has quickly become the toast of the town and beyond.

The Art of Brewing at Goldfinger

At Goldfinger Brewing Company, the craft of beer-making is an interplay of patience and skill. Here, Tom Beckmann, the visionary behind the lagers that are savored by many, has instilled the values of his Polish brewing ancestry. Every sip of Goldfinger’s Vienna Lager or any of their revered brews is steeped in a history that dates back to the 19th century.

Goldfinger’s Rise to Fame

Success has come swiftly to Goldfinger Brewing, with accolades not just from local connoisseurs but also from international platforms. In a testament to their excellence, Craft Beer & Brewing magazine has recognized the company as a top favorite lager brewer, a remarkable achievement considering its inception during the tumultuous times of the pandemic. Moreover, being voted a favorite small brewery on a global scale reflects the community’s love for this brewery’s commitment to creating exceptional beers.

Celebrating Craftsmanship and Community

Goldfinger Brewing Company’s philosophy extends beyond the brewing vats. It’s about fostering a bond with the community, whether that’s through the inviting taproom or the much-anticipated Dark Lager Day. This event, among others, reflects the brewery’s dedication to shattering preconceptions and opening palates to the diverse world of lagers.

Even in the frost of winter, enthusiasts gather, their breaths visible in the chill, proving that when it comes to good beer, temperature is no barrier to enjoyment. The brewery’s commitment to engaging with its patrons is clear; they listen, they learn, and they continue to refine.

Expansion on the Horizon for Goldfinger

With Tom Beckmann at the helm, Goldfinger Brewing Company has big plans for the future. Demand is soaring as their beers, now available in numerous stores, pubs, and bars, continue to captivate the Chicago area. Indeed, business is going good. Consequently, an expansion in brewing capacity is on the cards to ensure that every thirst for Goldfinger’s intricate brews can be quenched.

Visit Goldfinger Brewing Co.

Location 513 Rogers St., Downers Grove
Hours Tuesday-Thursday: 4-10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday: Noon-10:30 p.m.
Sunday: Noon-7 p.m.
Contact (630) 541-9728

Experience the craftsmanship and heritage that have made Goldfinger Brewing Company a beacon in the world of craft beer. Whether you’re picking up a four-pack, a Crowler, or a Growler, the spirit of brewing excellence pours generously with each offering. This is a place where beer is more than a drink; it’s a celebration of heritage, a tribute to quality, and an invitation to join in the tapestry that is Goldfinger Brewing Company’s illustrious story.

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