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Evel Knievel Beer: A Tribute to the Daredevil Legend

Evel Knievel Beer: A Tribute to the Daredevil Legend

Dare to Taste the Adventure: The Evel Knievel Beer

Taking a leap into the flavors of boldness and history, the Evel Knievel beer encapsulates the essence of the American daredevil legend. This remarkable collaboration between DESTIHL brewery and K and K Promotions Inc. — revolving around the Evel Knievel Family — brings forth a thrilling beverage experience that jumps right into the hearts of beer enthusiasts and adventure lovers alike.

Unveiling the Evel Knievel Beer

Introducing True Evel American Blonde ale and Evel Knievel Imperial IPA, this project draws inspiration from the audacious spirit and pioneering stunts of Evel Knievel. A blend of crisp, malty flavors with a hint of sweetness characterize the True Evel American Blonde Ale, mirroring the daredevil’s fearless ventures. On the other hand, the Evel Knievel Imperial IPA dares with a burst of hoppiness, fruity aromas, and a perfectly balanced bitterness, embodying the relentless and bold character of Knievel’s performances.

Both the Evel Knievel beer varieties pay homage to a man who defied limits and vaulted the daredevil tradition into new heights of popularity. They are poised to make a significant jump to store beer shelves across the USA, thanks to the collaborative efforts of DESTIHL’s Founder & CEO Matt Potts and Evel Knievel’s own son, Kelly Knievel.

The Heroic Brew: What Makes It Stand Out?

The innovative approach in crafting these beers involves not just encapsulating the flavors but also paying tribute to the legacy of Evel Knievel. The DESTIHL Brewery team meticulously selected ingredients to reflect the essence of Evel’s adventures. For instance, the American Blonde Ale incorporates brews from Briess & Montana craft Malts, complementing the originating roots of Knievel in the Big Sky Country.

Beer Name Style Key Ingredients
True Evel American Blonde Ale American Blonde Ale Briess & Montana Craft Malts, Low hop notes
Evel Knievel Imperial IPA West Coast-style IPA Citra, Mosaic & Chinook hops, Vintage malt

Moreover, the choice of hops in the Imperal IPA, such as Citra, Mosaic, and Chinook, draws a direct line to the American Northwest’s rich brewing tradition, capturing the thrill of Evel Knievel’s quests.

Saluting the Legend

Evel Knievel, a motorcycle-jumping stuntman, transformed daredevil antics from sideshow spectacles to mainstream marvels. He not only executed jaw-dropping stunts but also possessed the promotional genius to elevate his acts to the global stage. His stunts, like the famed jump at Caesar’s Palace and the Skycycle X-2 leap at Snake River, encapsulate an era of sheer bravado and ingenuity. The Evel Knievel beer series is more than just refreshment; it’s a celebration of a legacy that continues to inspire.

In essence, the Evel Knievel beer by DESTIHL Brewery is a remarkable tribute to a man who lived his life on the edge. It’s a toast to the adventurers, the dreamers, and anyone who dares to chase the impossible. As you sip on the True Evel American Blonde Ale or the Evel Knievel Imperial IPA, remember the spirit of Evel Knievel, soaring through history, one jump at a time.

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