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Craft Brewing Degree: A New Career Path in New Jersey

Craft Brewing Degree: A New Career Path in New Jersey

Discover the Craft Brewing Degree at Rowan College at Burlington County

Have you ever imagined that beer and education could blend perfectly? Well, it’s happening! Rowan College at Burlington County is pioneering an innovative path by introducing an associate degree in craft brewing, a leap forward in combining passion and profession. This unique craft brewing degree program is not just the first of its kind in New Jersey but a game-changer for beer enthusiasts looking to forge a career in the burgeoning Craft brewing industry.

Why the Craft Brewing Degree is Brewing Excitement

The Craft brewing degree at Rowan College at Burlington County brings something entirely new to the table – or perhaps, to the bar. Instead of merely learning the science behind brewing in abstract, students gain firsthand experience in a real microbrewery setup, thanks to a partnership with Kings Road Brewing Company and The Community House of Moorestown. This New Jersey microbrewery, situated in the basement of The Community House, is not just for brewing; it is a classroom unlike any other.

Furthermore, this curriculum covers not just the art and science of brewing but also dives into essential business and marketing skills needed in the craft beer industry. This comprehensive approach ensures students are not just brewers but well-rounded professionals ready to contribute to and thrive in this exciting field.

Job Opportunities and Industry Growth

The industry is hopping! Craft brewing is a significant part of New Jersey’s economy with numerous breweries dotting the state, offering ample job opportunities for graduates. The craft brewing degree from Rowan College at Burlington County does more than teach brewing; it opens doors to careers spanning brewery operations, marketing, sales, and even entrepreneurship.

Opportunity Description
Brewery Operations Oversee the brewing process, quality control, and day-to-day activities in a brewery.
Marketing & Sales Develop strategies to promote craft beers to a broader audience, boosting sales and brand awareness.
Entrepreneurship Use learned skills to start your craft beer brand or brewery.

Enroll in the Craft Brewing Program Today

Can’t wait to get started? The craft brewing degree program at Rowan College at Burlington County is accepting applications for its fall 2025 session. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or someone looking to pivot into a career that combines passion and profession, this program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and real-world experience to succeed in the craft brewing industry. Brew your future today!

Don’t let this fermenting opportunity pass you by. Explore how the craft brewing degree at Rowan College at Burlington County can be the first step toward a fulfilling career in the evolving craft beer landscape of New Jersey. The blend of comprehensive education and hands-on experience is an unbeatable mix, preparing you for a bright future in craft brewing.

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