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Craft-brewing Certificate Program: Brew with the Best

Craft-brewing Certificate Program: Brew with the Best

Unlock Your Brewing Potential with the Craft-brewing Certificate Program

Are you passionate about beer and dreaming of brewing your very own signature batch? The craft-brewing certificate program at Penn State Berks might just be the golden ticket you’re searching for. With a robust curriculum designed by leading figures in the brewing industry, this certificate program offers a comprehensive introduction to the craft of brewing, using Pennsylvania specialty grains.

Why Choose Penn State Berks?

Penn State Berks stands out in the realm of brewing education through its strategic partnerships and innovative learning methods. By joining forces with the Penn State Cooperative Extension and securing support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, our program offers unparalleled access to industry knowledge and hands-on brewing experience.

What the Program Offers

Our craft-brewing certificate program caters to a wide range of beer enthusiasts — from amateurs and homebrewers to professionals seeking to elevate their brewing skills. Over the course of the program, students delve into the science of brewing and fermentation, exploring the four fundamental ingredients of beer: water, yeast, hops, and malt. Here’s a glimpse of what our curriculum offers:

  • Beer: Past, Present, and Future
  • Introduction to Beer Production
  • Two capstone courses focusing on the business side of brewing beer
  • A brew practicum for practical experience

These courses are complemented by field trips to breweries, malt houses, and hop farms, enriching the learning experience with real-world insights.

Learning from the Best

Under the guidance of Jeremy Myers, the program’s curriculum coordinator, students learn not only the theory behind brewing but also the art and passion that drives the industry. Myers, a well-respected figure in the brewing world, brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, making learning both insightful and inspiring.

Your Path to Brewing Success

Graduating from the craft-brewing certificate program opens a myriad of doors for budding brewers. Whether it’s launching your own micro-brewery or joining an established brewery, our program equips you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to make your mark in the brewing industry.

Join Our Brewing Community

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your passion for beer into a rewarding career. For more information, visit the Penn State Craft Brewing website or get in touch with our dedicated team. Let’s brew a brighter future together!

Table: Key Components of Our Program

Course Components Description
Hands-on experience Practical brewing sessions at Broken Goblet Brewing and other partner breweries.
Industry knowledge Insights into beer production and the business of brewing from seasoned professionals.
Community collaboration Networking opportunities with brewing industry leaders and fellow aspiring brewers.

Whether you’re an amateur wishing to deepen your understanding or a professional aiming to refine your craft, the craft-brewing certificate program at Penn State Berks is your launchpad into the exciting world of brewing. Join us and start your journey to brewing excellence!

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