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Craft Brewery Columbus: A New Maumee Bay Brewing Venture

Craft Brewery Columbus: A New Maumee Bay Brewing Venture

Discover the Allure of Craft Brewery Columbus: Maumee Bay Brewing’s Latest Adventure

Ohio’s brewing scene is about to get even richer, with an exciting development from one of its foundational pillars. The Maumee Bay Brewing Co., a beacon in the Craft Brewery Columbus landscape, is expanding its horizons with an eagerly awaited taproom & restaurant, Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen. This isn’t just another opening; it’s a vibrant new chapter for one of Ohio’s oldest Craft breweries, showcasing their commitment to quality, innovation, and Community engagement.

The Grand Opening of Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen

Set to open its doors in Powell next week, Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen promises an experience that harmoniously blends the rich, complex flavors of Maumee Bay Brewing’s beers with the gastronomic expertise of Chef Travis Hyde. Formerly the executive chef at New Albany Country Club, Chef Hyde is bringing his culinary prowess to delight guests with both lunch and dinner services. Moreover, the collaboration with High Level Distilling ensures a selection of craft Cocktails that are as inventive as they are delectable.

The anticipation is building as Rich Rores, owner of the new venue, hints that the menu, which will be revealed closer to their grand opening, will be “delicious. Fantastic, really.” The commitment to quality doesn’t end with their menu; Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen also FEATURES a full wine list, ensuring a beverage option for every palate.

More Than Just A Craft Brewery

Maumee Bay Brewing Co.’s venture goes beyond beer. The new space in Columbus is designed to be a Community Hub, where guests can enjoy not just the exceptional Maumee Bay Brewing beers but also a vibrant dining experience. Brunch enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that a full-service brunch will be available on weekends, starting at 10am. Although it’s worth noting that the brunch service will take a few weeks post-grand opening to commence, the delicious beermosas will certainly be worth the wait.

Located on 6058 Glick Rd., Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen’s operating hours are tailored to cater to the community’s needs—and they’re open for feedback. Current plans have them serving guests from Monday to Thursday, 11am-9pm, and extending hours till 11pm on Fridays and the weekend, with brunch kicking off the daytime offerings on Saturdays and Sundays.

Stay Connected

For those eager to follow the journey of this new addition to the craft brewery Columbus scene, updates and more details about Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen can be found on their Facebook page. Maumee Bay Brewing is more than just a brewery; it’s a story of heritage, quality, and community—elements that Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen is poised to embody fully.

As Ohio awaits this exciting new development, the anticipation underscores a vibrant craft beer culture in Columbus, continually enriched by pioneers like Maumee Bay Brewing. Shawnee Station Taproom & Kitchen is not merely opening its doors—it’s opening up a whole new world of flavors and experiences. Cheers to that!

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