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Craft Beer Taproom Buzz in Milwaukie City Hall

Craft Beer Taproom Buzz in Milwaukie City Hall

Craft Beer Taproom: The New Community Hub in Milwaukie City Hall

The bustling city of Milwaukie is set to welcome a vibrant new addition to its community spaces – a Craft beer taproom by the revered pFriem Family Brewers. Known for their expertly crafted Pacific Northwest beer, pFriem Family Brewers are expanding their horizons with a cozy corner in the Milwaukie City Hall building, promising to be a hub for beer lovers and community gatherings alike.

A Homely Satellite Location

pFriem Family brewers has created ripples across the Craft Beer sphere with their innovative brews and dedication to quality. Their first satellite location in Milwaukie City Hall is not just another taproom; it’s an extension of their family. Based on the successful Bear’s Den in Hood River, this new space embodies comfort with a large patio covered by a pergola, perfect for relaxing with a beer in hand. Moreover, its location within a historic building that formerly housed a fire station adds a unique charm that’s hard to resist.

More Than Just a Craft Beer Taproom

With seating for over 100 patrons and an extensive selection of more than 20 taps featuring pFriem beers and craft Cocktails, the taproom is set to be a hive of activity. However, it’s not just about the drinks. The space is planned to be a ‘vibrant community hub‘ brimming with warmth and inviting for all sorts of gatherings. Additionally, a private dining and event space upstairs will offer a venue for brewery and community events, making it a comprehensive destination for both fun and formal gatherings.

Why Milwaukie City Hall?

The selection of Milwaukie City Hall as the location for this exciting new venture was no accident. Milwaukie’s growth, coupled with its increased popularity, made it an ideal choice for the pFriem team. The area’s rich history and the property’s “stunning green space, large trees, and a sculpture garden” were especially appealing. Adding to the charm are the surrounding downtown area and the proximity to the Willamette River, making it a picturesque setting for a taproom.

Neighbors and Partnerships

The taproom is set to share its space with Keeper Coffee, known for its high-quality coffee and commitment to community. This partnership between pFriem and Keeper Coffee symbolizes a shared passion for excellent beverages and hospitality, further enriching the Milwaukie City Hall space as a community centerpiece.

Award-Winning Legacy

Since its inception along the Columbia River waterfront in 2012, pFriem Family Brewers has earned a hefty collection of accolades, firmly establishing its status as a top craft beer producer in Oregon and beyond. Their ability to blend Pacific Northwest and European beer styles has spurred their popularity, earning them the Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival in 2018, among other honors. This new craft beer taproom in Milwaukie is not just an expansion; it’s a continuation of their commitment to excellence and community spirit.

In conclusion, the upcoming pFriem Family Brewers taproom in Milwaukie City Hall is poised to be more than just a place to enjoy great beer. It promises to be a space where community, quality, and the cozy vibe of Milwaukie mesh together perfectly. As we eagerly await its opening in April 2025, it’s clear that this craft beer taproom will soon become a beloved part of the local fabric, drawing both locals and visitors to experience the best of Pacific Northwest hospitality.

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