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Craft Beer Sioux Falls: A Hidden Gem Unveiled

Craft Beer Sioux Falls: A Hidden Gem Unveiled

Discover Craft Beer in Sioux Falls

Welcome to a hidden gem located next to the iconic Bob Young Field in Sioux Falls. For over three years, Roundhouse Brew Pub has been enchanting locals and visitors alike with its unique craft beer and delectable food pairings. As you dive into this article, discover why this spot is becoming a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates fine beer and great company.

A Brew With a View

Roundhouse Brew Pub isn’t just another bar. It’s a sanctuary for Craft Beer enthusiasts. Interestingly, the beer served here is brewed with passion at Roundhouse’s main brewery in Nisswa, Minnesota. The brewery itself sits on an historic site where trains were once repaired. This unique backdrop adds an extra layer of charm to every sip of beer.

The Spirit of Sioux Falls

What truly sets the Roundhouse Brew Pub apart is its commitment to the community. Proudly supporting USF supporters and soccer fans, the pub has become a spot where sports, camaraderie, and Craft beer Sioux Falls meet. Whether it’s through a shared love for the game or the joy of discovering a new favorite beer, there’s something for everyone here.

A Look at Our Craft Beer Menu

Beer Name Type Taste Profile
Locomotive Lager Lager Crisp, Clean, Refreshing
Roundhouse IPA India Pale Ale Bold, Hoppy, Citrus
Caboose Stout Stout Rich, Dark, Chocolatey

For those new to the Craft beer scene in Sioux Falls or anyone looking for their next favorite brew, this table offers a sneak peek into our world-renowned selections. Each beer tells a story, and we invite you to discover them.

Pours at 4: Every Month

Don’t miss our monthly “Pours at 4” event, featured in the media player above. It’s a perfect opportunity to experience our craft beer Sioux Falls has to offer, learn from the brewers, and engage with fellow beer lovers.

In conclusion, Roundhouse Brew Pub next to Bob Young Field is where memories are made, community is celebrated, and craft beer is perfected. Come for the beer, stay for the friendships, and leave with stories worth telling. Craft beer in Sioux Falls has never looked better, thanks to places like Roundhouse Brew Pub that continue to uphold the tradition of quality and community.

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