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Craft Beer Seasonals: Your Cozy Winter Companion

Craft Beer Seasonals

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Craft Beer Seasonals

Welcome, dear reader, to a celebration of the season’s finest – a showcase where craft beer winter seasonals take center stage. As the cold air nips at your nose, what better way to warm up than with a selection of the best dark, light, and seasonal craft beers? This guide is your go-to source for navigating the frothy delights of winter libations.

Embrace the Bold Flavors of Winter

Let’s dive right in! Imagine a brew so potent it could light up the night—enter Tennessee Brew Works’ flagship winter seasonal, the Secret City Imperial IPA. This dynamite offering is rich with notes of pine, tangerine, and a medley of stone fruit, ultimately bringing the magic of the once-secret Oak Ridge community right to your taste buds. And with craft breweries like Go Brewing and Anderson Valley Brewing joining the fray, there’s no shortage of sophisticated, award-winning options.

Grab a glass and savour the craft beer seasonals built to thrive in the chill of winter. Below is a concise table of delights you must try:

Brewery Beer Special Notes
Tennessee Brew Works Secret City Imperial IPA Homage to Oak Ridge, “explosive” 10% ABV
Anderson Valley Brewing Black Light Beer Only 95 calories, full-flavored
Go Brewing Suspended In A Sunbeam Pils Non-alcoholic, Gold Medal winner

Light Delights – Flavor Without the Weight

Interestingly, as much as winter calls for hearty stouts and robust porters, there’s also room for something lighter. Indeed, beer enthusiasts need not worry, as options like the Anderson Valley Black Light defy expectations; it’s a dark and delightful craft beer that’s kind on the waistline at only 95 calories. It proves that low-octane doesn’t mean low in flavor, and it’s just the thing to pair with your new year’s resolutions. So, shine a spotlight on this light beer that packs a full-flavored punch.

Zero Buzz, Full Flavor – Non-Alcoholic Picks for Craft Beer Lovers

For those who indulge in the craft beer flavor but not the alcohol, the NA beer scene is here to please. Naperville’s Go Brewing has crafted what can only be described as a hoppy work of art. Their Suspended In A Sunbeam Pils is all the rave, snagging a Gold Medal at the Best Of Craft Beer Awards. This non-alcoholic take on the German Pilsner style has a light and floral profile that’s sure to win over skeptics and enthusiasts alike.

Before we lift our glasses in a toast to these winter wonders, remember this – whether you’re questing for a taste of the tropics with a Tropical IPA or delving into the dark depths with a Dank Ale, the world of craft beer seasonals is a treasure trove of taste just waiting to be explored this winter.

And if you’re looking for more beer suggestions, don’t hesitate to explore further – the world of craft beer winter seasonals is as rich and diverse as the community that cherishes it. Be it weekend beer binges, a new Imperial IPA discovery, or a low-calorie option that surprises, there’s always something new to pour into your glass and delight your senses.

Cheers to the craft beer seasonals that keep us toasty – until the spring thaw comes around. Don’t forget to share your discoveries and raise a glass to the brewers who make this frosty season a delight!

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