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Craft Beer Revolution: North Coast Brewing’s New Release

Craft Beer Revolution: North Coast Brewing’s New Release

Discover the Craft Beer Revolution with North Coast Brewing’s Latest Release

Welcome to a new chapter in the craft beer saga brought to you by North Coast Brewing Co. (NCBC). Moving beyond the frosty embrace of Damp January, NCBC has made waves with its latest innovation: the first-ever 19.2-oz beer cans. This exciting launch is a testament to the brewery‘s commitment to quality, variety, and the sheer joy of craft beer.

A Glimpse into North Coast Brewing’s Craft Beer Marvels

The stars of this launch, Scrimshaw and Old Rasputin, are no strangers to the limelight. As the brewery’s best-selling beers, they’ve captivated hearts worldwide. The convenience of a larger 19.2-oz can means that these beloved brews can now accompany you on all your adventures, whether you’re sharing with friends or savoring the moment solo.

But why stop at just two? North Coast brewing has hinted at more styles joining the 19.2-oz lineup in the future. This move aligns perfectly with the brewery’s ethos, overseen by a dedicated brew team that honors the legacy of founder Mark Ruedrich. The result? Craft beer that’s not just consumed, but celebrated.

The Craft Beer Experience at North Coast Brewing

Visiting the coastal town of Fort Bragg, California, offers an unparalleled craft beer experience. The Pub at North Coast Brewing serves up these iconic beers, giving fans a taste of history. And with Scrimshaw since 1988 and Old Rasputin since 1995 forming the backbone of their offerings, there’s a sense of tradition in every sip.

The addition of the 19.2-oz beer cans to North Coast Brewing’s portfolio is more than a nod to convenience; it’s a celebration of craft beer’s evolution. Both Scrimshaw and Old Rasputin have not only stood the test of time but have also gained a “cult-like” following, a testament to NCBC’s mastery in brewing.

The Sustainable Craft Behind North Coast Brewing

As a certified B Corp, North Coast Brewing is at the forefront of sustainable brewing practices. From the hops to the tap, every step in the creation of their award-winning beers, including the famed Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and the refreshing Scrimshaw, reflects a commitment to not just quality, but also environmental stewardship.

Scrimshaw 4.5% 22
Old Rasputin 9% 75

In conclusion, the craft beer landscape is richer for North Coast Brewing’s innovations. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, the introduction of 19.2-oz cans from North Coast Brewing is a development worth toasting to. So, here’s to more adventures with Scrimshaw, Old Rasputin, and whatever NCBC brews next — because in the world of craft beer, the best is always yet to come.

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