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Home » Blog » Craft Beer Festival at Deerhurst Resort: A Spring Celebration

Craft Beer Festival at Deerhurst Resort: A Spring Celebration

Craft Beer Festival at Deerhurst Resort: A Spring Celebration

Experience the Ultimate Craft Beer Festival at Deerhurst Resort

Welcome to Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst, the unparalleled craft beer festival nestled in the Heart of Ontario’s cottage country. Fusing the vibrancy of a craft beer festival with the exhilarating energy of a concert, this event promises enjoyment and excitement for everyone with a penchant for fun. Let’s delve into what makes Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst not just an event, but a celebration of craft beer, music, and the great outdoors.

The Essence of Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst

Imagine a weekend where the air is buzzing with anticipation and the flavors of the finest craft beers. Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst delivers exactly that! Held at Deerhurst Resort, a pinnacle of warm hospitality and festive spirit, the festival kicks off spring with flair. With a storied history of over 125 years, the lakeside resort offers the perfect backdrop for this annual celebration.

Deerhurst Resort and Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst come together to pay homage to over two dozen of Ontario’s premier craft breweries. These breweries bring their most innovative and story-rich brews to the table, offering a taste beyond the ordinary. It’s an opportunity to meet the faces behind the brews, understand their craft, and immerse oneself in the passion driving Ontario’s craft beer scene.

A complementing culinary experience awaits with the Deerhurst’s culinary team crafting an inspired Beerhurst Bites menu. Designed to enhance the beer sampling experience, the menu features an array of delights from mini-pizza spring rolls to succulent duck and beef sliders.

A Line-Up Not to Be Missed

The excitement doesn’t stop at beer tasting. Headlining the event with a concert on Saturday evening is the award-winning Canadian rock band, The Trews. Known for their rocking hits and dynamic performances, they’re the perfect cherry on top of this festive event, adding to the Deerhurst Resort and Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst experience.

The weekend offers more than just beer and music. It’s a chance to indulge in winter sports, spa treatments, or simply relax in the comfort of one of Ontario’s premier resorts. With packages including accommodation and exclusive access to various festivities, Deerhurst Resort ensures an unforgettable Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst experience.

Why Deerhurst Resort is the Go-To Destination for Craft Beer Lovers

Deerhurst Resort isn’t just a venue; it’s a part of the Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst identity. Offering more than 125 years of hosting and celebrating, it’s the heart of the craft beer festival experience. Deerhurst Resort’s stunning lakeside setting provides not just a view, but an experience, setting it apart as the premier destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

With Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst, Deerhurst Resort once again showcases its knack for blending luxurious relaxation with vibrant festivities, offering something for everyone. Whether it’s the diverse flavors of craft beer, the thrill of live music, or the serene beauty of cottage country, Deerhurst Resort and Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst craft an experience that’s hard to forget.

For those looking to welcome spring with open arms, the craft beer festival at Deerhurst Resort is a celebration not to be missed. Beerhurst-at-Deerhurst embodies the spirit of community, flavor, and fun, making it a must-visit for craft beer aficionados and fun seekers alike.

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