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Craft Beer and Conservation: Whale Tale Brewing’s New Wave

Craft Beer and Conservation: Whale Tale Brewing’s New Wave

Discover the Incredible Transformation of Whale Tale Brewing Co.

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, particularly one with a soft spot for the ocean and its conservation, then the transformation from COHO brewing Co. to Whale Tale Brewing Co. in Cape May Court House is a tale you wouldn’t want to miss. This isn’t just about a name change; it’s a fusion of passion for craft beer with the noble mission of protecting our oceans.

A Beloved Brewery’s New Chapter

Located at the Heart of Cape May Court House, Whale Tale Brewing Co., formerly known as COHO Brewing Co., has swiftly made its mark since opening in 2018. The Buckingham family, high school sweethearts turned Craft beer visionaries, have steered the brewery into the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Their commitment to creating exceptional craft beer and their love for the ocean has led to this significant brand evolution.

Exceptional Craft Beer Meets Ocean Conservation

Whale Tale Brewing Co. is more than a brewery; it’s a beacon for ocean conservation. Their message is clear and inspiring: with every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards initiatives aimed at protecting our oceans. This commitment is woven into their very fabric, from the oceanic themes decorating their taproom to the coastal-inspired decor that transports you straight to the waterfront.

Moreover, fans of the brewery can breathe easy knowing that favorites like Cape Haze, Schooner, and Wheel House IPAs remain part of the cherished menu, alongside the exciting prospect of new brews that capture the essence of the ocean.

Celebrating Community and Commitment

The transition to Whale Tale Brewing Co. was marked with celebration, embodying the spirit of community and shared commitment to a greater cause. Their recent St. Patty’s Day party not only commemorated the name change but also reinforced their mission by encouraging beachgoers to contribute to ocean cleanliness. This simple yet powerful act of picking up trash on the beach underscores Whale Tale Brewing Co.’s dedication to its cause.

So, whether you’re a Craft Beer aficionado or an advocate for ocean conservation (or both!), Whale Tale Brewing Co. represents a unique convergence of interests. Their dedication to craft beer excellence and ocean conservation makes them a standout in Cape May Court House, sure to attract both locals and visitors eager to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying exceptional brews.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the unique ambiance and commitment of Whale Tale Brewing Co. Follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with upcoming events and become part of a community that’s making a difference one pint at a time.

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