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Craft Beer Acquisition Unites Breweries and Communities

Craft Beer Acquisition Unites Breweries and Communities

The Tantalizing Tale of a Craft Beer Acquisition

In the bustling world of craft beer, a significant buzz is being created by the friendly acquisition of Cairn Brewing by Postdoc Brewing. This event marks a momentous occasion for both breweries, each rooted deeply in their community-minded ethos, and heralds a new chapter for craft beer enthusiasts in Washington.

A United Front in the Craft Beer Realm

Tom Schmidlin, the visionary founder of Postdoc brewing, has announced the acquisition in a movement akin to the merging of two great minds. Both breweries, known for their dedication to quality and community, are entering an exciting phase. The Postdoc Brewing of Redmond gracefully taking the helm of Cairn Brewing of Kenmore symbolizes not just an expansion but a fusion of cherished values and beer-making excellence.

Interestingly, while the brewery and taproom at the north end of Lake Washington will retain its charm, it’s set to become a beloved second location for Craft beer acquisition enthusiasts, branded under the Postdoc name. Tom Schmidlin assures minimal changes, preserving the essence that made Cairn a community favorite, with the occasional reintroduction of Cairn’s best-loved brews.

Blending Traditions and Innovations

Since its inception in 2014 by Tom and his wife Julie, Postdoc Brewing has been a beacon of innovation and community spirit in Redmond. This expansion is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and their dream to spread this passion even further. Through this craft beer acquisition, Postdoc Brewing honors the legacy of Cairn while stepping into an opportunity to weave their story into the fabric of Kenmore’s community, promising an enriched neighborhood experience.

The acquisition also includes Cairn Brewing’s seven-barrel brewing system, setting the stage for Postdoc to expand its production capabilities. This not only means more of the beloved seasonal brews but also opens the door to exploring niche styles and even non-beer beverages, enriching the craft beer acquisition landscape.

Continuing a Legacy

Opened in 2016 by Jen and Bill Boyd, Cairn Brewing quickly became a cornerstone of its neighborhood, embodying a community-minded brewery spirit. The founders’ vision for Cairn to reach its full potential resonated deeply with the Postdoc team. Their shared commitment to quality, community vibes, and creating welcoming spaces made this transition a shared dream for both parties.

As this craft beer acquisition unfolds, the essence of Cairn is set to reach new heights under the guidance of Tom, Julie, and the Postdoc team. It’s a merging of paths that promises to continue fostering the strong community ties and innovative brewing that both breweries are celebrated for.

Embracing the Future Together

As we look forward to the integration of Cairn into the Postdoc Brewing family, this strategic move is a glowing beacon of hope and excitement for the craft beer community. It’s a story of unity, innovation, and the enduring power of community. The breweries’ seamless blend of tradition and vision paints a bright future for craft beer acquisition lovers.

Do you feel the excitement brewing in the Washington beer scene? This craft beer acquisition is more than just a business transaction; it’s a heartwarming tale of community, passion, and the endless pursuit of crafting the perfect pint.

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