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Centro Cali Brewing: New Craft Beer Hub in Bakersfield

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Experience the Craft of Centro Cali Brewing in Downtown Bakersfield

craft beer enthusiasts, get ready for a fresh taste adventure at Centro Cali Brewing, the latest addition to downtown Bakersfield’s burgeoning craft beer scene. This new brewery is setting the stage for a unique blend of flavors, community, and culture, making downtown Bakersfield a must-visit destination for beer lovers.

Centro Cali Brewing: A New Brew in Town

Located at the heart of downtown Bakersfield, Centro Cali brewing is poised to become a distinguished landmark, situated at 716 19th Street, opposite the East Chester Living apartments. It’s not just another brewery; it’s a statement of vibrant urban renewal and craftsmanship, backed by the city’s micro-brewery ordinance of 2018, which advocates for the growth of such establishments.

Incorporating the spirit of downtown Bakersfield revitalization, Centro Cali brewing stands as a testament to the city’s dedication towards fostering a lively downtown community. Supported by the City of Bakersfield Economic Opportunity Area grant program, the brewery reflects a significant investment in downtown’s ongoing revitalization efforts.

A Taste of Local Flair

Anticipated to open its doors in late spring, Centro Cali brewing will offer a rich variety of craft beers, each bearing the unique heartbeat of Bakersfield. As part of the burgeoning downtown micro-brewery ordinance, this venue is not just about beer; it’s about creating a space where locals and visitors alike can gather, share stories, and enjoy good times.

More Than Just Beer

But Centro Cali Brewing promises to be more than just a brewery. With plans to host community events, it positions itself as a catalyst for downtown Bakersfield’s transformation into a vibrant social hub. The brewery’s location, a building with its own history as the former “In Your Wildest Dreams” spot, adds to the narrative of rejuvenation and new beginnings that downtown Bakersfield espouses.

Why Centro Cali Brewing Matters

The story of Centro Cali Brewing is more than just the opening of a new brewery. It’s about contributing to the fabric of downtown Bakersfield’s community, embracing the downtown Bakersfield revitalization movement, and following the city’s downtown micro-brewery ordinance. Its vision extends beyond brewing; it encapsulates the essence of local pride and community growth.

Beer Style Tasting Notes
IPA Bold & Hoppy
Stout Rich & Creamy
Amber Ale Smooth & Balanced

Join the Movement

Be part of the story. Engage with Centro Cali Brewing and the vibrant tapestry of downtown Bakersfield. Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or simply someone who appreciates the ethos of community and culture, Centro Cali Brewing welcomes you to explore, taste, and be inspired. Experience firsthand the dynamism of downtown Bakersfield’s revitalization, one sip at a time.

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