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Cambridge Craft Beer Pub: A New Chapter at The Rad

Cambridge Craft Beer Pub: A New Chapter at The Rad

A Toast to Tradition and Innovation at Cambridge’s Craft Beer Pub: The Rad

Cambridge, a city celebrated for its scholarly pursuits and gothic architecture, is now home to an exciting new venture in its nightlife and craft beer scene. The Rad, formerly known as The St Radegund, has recently reopened its doors, promising a blend of rich history and modern craft beer culture. This significant transformation into a craft beer taproom is not merely a change of decor but marks the beginning of a new chapter for beer enthusiasts in Cambridge and beyond.

A Revival Rooted in History

The Rad’s journey from The St Radegund is a tale of meticulous renovation and passionate rebranding. The aim? To create a 25-line craft beer taproom that boasts an unmatched selection of the UK’s, and perhaps the world’s, finest beers. The renovation process was keen on preserving the pub’s past, with several historical artifacts unveiled, weaving a narrative that complements the Craft Beer tapestry.

Industry Veterans Take the Helm

Behind The Rad’s resurgence stand three venerable figures of the UK beer industry, bringing over 40 years of combined experience to the table. Their expertise stretches across brewery and taproom ownership to business consulting in the brewery space. Under their guidance, The Rad is set to stand out in the craft beer taproom panorama, offering an array of beers that promise to challenge and delight the palate.

Looking Ahead: Events and Expansion

Despite its humble size, The Rad has grand plans on the horizon. Already, a lineup of events, including ‘meet the brewers’ tasting sessions, quizzes, and exclusive gigs, are scheduled for 2024. Furthermore, plans to open a cellar event space are underway, signaling the taproom’s ambition to extend its offerings and cement itself as a cornerstone of Cambridge’s social scene.

Why The Rad Is A Must-Visit Cambridge Craft Beer Pub

  • Unique selection of craft beers
  • Rich historical ambiance blended with modern aesthetics
  • Exciting lineup of community events
  • Knowledgeable industry veterans at the helm

The Rad beautifully marries the reverence for history with a forward-thinking approach to beer tasting. This craft beer pub is not just a place to grab a drink; it’s an experience—a confluence of tradition, innovation, and community. Whether you’re a local or just passing through Cambridge, The Rad invites you to be part of its story, to celebrate the past while sipping on the future.

Indeed, the reopening of The Rad is a landmark moment for Cambridge’s nightlife and craft beer scene. Its dedication to quality, history, and community is what sets it apart, making it a beacon for beer lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike. As The Rad opens its doors wide, it’s an open invitation to all—to join in the celebration, to taste and see what makes this Cambridge craft beer pub a pivotal addition to the city’s vibrant fabric.

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