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Bluff Brothers Brewing: A Taste of Spring Valley’s Best

Bluff Brothers Brewing

Discovering the Charm of Bluff Brothers Brewing

Stepping into the welcoming embrace of Bluff Brothers Brewing, you’re immediately greeted by the delightful aroma of hops and barley. This brewery is not just about crafting quality beers; it’s about creating an atmosphere that resonates with the community of Spring Valley, Minnesota. Bluff Brothers Brewing encapsulates the essence of a small-town brewery with its commitment to “approachable” craft beers that delight the palates of its local patrons.

A Toast to Small-town Bounty

The story of Bluff Brothers Brewing began humbly, within the confines of Mitchell’s garage back in 2019. It was here, among familiar surroundings and the encouragement of Marcus, that their brewery dream took root. With passion and dedication, they perfected their craft, with the American Lager, ‘Foxtail’, becoming a fast favorite alongside their unique Firewood Porter – a rare find in small-town Minnesota.

Their commitment to quality in each bottle is clear: from the smooth, citrusy notes of Citra Creek IPA, to the velvety Hazy Hills, every sip is a testament to their brewing journey. The local community has embraced the warmth and character of Field of Wheat, a wheat beer, and the comfortingly rich Nutty Squirrel brown ale. The dedication to creating something that resonates with their neighbors is palpable with each poured pint.

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Taproom

The transformation from a garage start-up to a thriving business serves as inspiration to aspiring brewers. The brothers conquered licensing hurdles and established Bluff Brothers Brewing, all within four short years. Their efforts culminated with the opening of the brewery on October 1, 2023, in a space where they meticulously preserved history while infusing their personality into the cabin-like atmosphere.

The space, formerly the Spring Valley Veterinary Clinic, has seen a rebirth, with seating for over seventy patrons surrounded by the rustic charm of trophy mounts and plans for a cozy fireplace. It’s this very attention to detail that stitches the fabric of the community into every aspect of Bluff Brothers Brewing’s ambiance.

The Family Ties That Bind

Indeed, the business is a family affair, with parents, spouses, and friends pitching in to make Bluff Brothers Brewing a beacon of communal support. This collaborative spirit extends from the brewing process to running the taproom on busy weekends, each family member contributing their unique skills to the venture. It’s this family-centric approach that gives Bluff Brothers Brewing its heart.

A Welcoming Space for Every Beer Aficionado

With its doors open to beer lovers on weekends, the taproom offers a sanctuary for those seeking relaxation and camaraderie. Beyond beer, guests can indulge in local delicacies like Carroll’s Corn popcorn and Polashek’s Locker meat sticks. The addition of live music and occasional food truck events further complements the brewery’s offerings, providing a complete sensory experience for visitors.

Positive customer feedback has been the wind beneath the Plaehns’ wings, fueling their enthusiasm to deepen their roots in the region. Bluff Brothers Brewing, through its cabin-warm feel and dedication to community, stands as a proud testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the craft beer industry. So, pull up a chair, grab a pint, and toast to the triumphant spirit of local brewing at Bluff Brothers Brewing.

Beer Name Style Description
Foxtail American Lager A light, refreshing choice for those seeking familiarity.
Firewood Porter A unique brew with a robust character all its own.
Citra Creek IPA For the citrus-lover, a hoppy profile with an engaging twist.
Hazy Hills Hazy IPA Velvety and smooth, with a delightful flavorful haze.
Field of Wheat Wheat Beer A harmonious blend that speaks of summer fields and sunshine.
Nutty Squirrel Brown Ale Rich, nutty tones for a comforting, earthy finish.
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