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Home » Blog » Bark & Brew Fundraiser: Delightful Day for Dogs & Beer

Bark & Brew Fundraiser: Delightful Day for Dogs & Beer

Bark & Brew Fundraiser: Delightful Day for Dogs & Beer

Bark & Brew Fundraiser: A Delightful Day for Dogs and Craft Beer Enthusiasts

The Jackson County Animal Shelter has once again outdone itself with its annual Bark & Brew Fundraiser, held in the scenic surroundings of the Ella Sharp Museum’s Grand Community Room. This spectacular event offers a unique opportunity for both humans and their furry friends to enjoy an afternoon filled with fun, frolics, and flavorsome brews.

Experience Michigan Craft Beer and Cider

The Bark & Brew Fundraiser is not just a chance to have a good time; it’s also a perfect opportunity to sample some of the finest Michigan Craft Beer and cider. With a slew of local breweries showcasing their best concoctions, attendees can taste a variety of brews which highlight the rich Brewing culture of Michigan.

Engaging Activities for You and Your Pooch

What sets the Bark & Brew Fundraiser apart is the array of Dog-centric activities. From a charming dog talent show to the ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘A Face Only a Mother Could Love’ contests, the event promises loads of excitement for your canine companions. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way for pet owners to bond with their pets and meet other dog lovers in the community.

Support the Shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund

The primary goal of the Bark & Brew Fundraiser is to raise funds for the Jackson County Animal Shelter’s emergency medical fund. This fund is crucial as it aids in providing necessary care for animals in distress—those who are sick, injured, or abused. By attending the fundraiser, you play an integral part in ensuring these animals receive the care they desperately need.

More Than Just Beer and Bark

Alongside the drinks and dog contests, the Bark & Brew Fundraiser also FEATURES live music, a silent auction, and door prizes making it an event that caters to all interests. To top it off, food trucks like Rollin’ Hoagies and Big Guy Catering offer delicious eats to keep your spirits high and appetites satisfied throughout the day.

Ticket Type Price Includes
General Admission $25 (Advance) Five drink samples
Door Admission $35 Five drink samples
Non-drinker Ticket $15 Event access

Tickets for the event can be purchased online via Eventbrite, though it’s worth noting that buying tickets directly from the animal shelter can save you from additional fees. Plus, supporting the shelter directly is always a great way to contribute more significantly to their cause.

As the day concludes, don’t forget to check out the adoptable pets who are also looking for a loving home. What better way to remember the day than by giving a needy animal a new family?

For more information or to get involved with the next Bark & Brew Fundraiser, visit the Jackson County Animal Shelter’s website or their Facebook page. Join the vibrant community of dog and beer lovers and make a difference in the lives of many animals!

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