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Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival: Cheers to Charity

Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival: Cheers to Charity

Discover the Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival: A Blend of Charity and Culture

Welcome to a vibrant celebration of community spirit and Craft Beer! If you’re planning to be in Bakersfield this April, you won’t want to miss the Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival. This event not only boasts a gathering of fine beers and engaging Entertainment but also supports a noble cause. Here’s everything you need to know about this annual festival that stands as a beacon for craft beer aficionados and community advocates alike.

A Glimpse into the Fest

The Bakersfield craft beer Festival is set to take place at the scenic Iron Lilly Venue, located in the Heart of Bakersfield. This year marks its sixth anniversary, and the festival promises to be more exciting than ever. With over 25 breweries participating alongside various local eateries, attendees are in for a treat. From the pale ales to stouts, and everything in between, every palate is sure to be satisfied.

Supporting Local Charities

What makes the Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival truly special is its dedication to giving back. All proceeds from the event are directed towards Kern County charities, focusing on children’s welfare. This festival is not just about enjoying great beer but also about making a significant impact in the lives of the children within the community.

Entertainment and Activities

The festival’s atmosphere is charged with excitement, featuring live performances by local bands such as Joe Peters and The All Cash Band. Attendees can enjoy great music, savory food, and exceptional craft beer, all while supporting Kern County charities.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to take part in the festivities? Remember, the event runs from noon to 6 PM, and while enjoying the craft beers and local cuisine, your photo ID will be necessary to partake in the festivities. Tickets can be readily purchased online, ensuring your entry into this must-visit event.

What’s on Tap?

Here’s a quick glance at what to expect at the festival in terms of brews and bites:

Brewery Highlights Local Cuisine
Kern River Brewing Eco-friendly Eats
Temblor Brewing Co. Artisanal Treats

Whether you’re a casual beer lover or a dedicated foodie, the Country Craft Beer event is set to offer an array of tastes and experiences to remember. Not only will you be sipping on some of the finest brews, but you’ll also be contributing to a cause that supports Kern County children.

Join us this April in Bakersfield for an unforgettable fusion of fun, flavor, and philanthropy at the Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival!

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